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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, April 11, 2009

my day so far

So far today I have....

woke up at 6:30
watched the news
caught up on email
started a load of laundry
got dressed
stopped by McDonalds for a medium nonfat hazelnut latte (it's not quite starbucks but it will do)
went to Walmart for pantyhose, toilet paper and Austin's easter basket stuff
bought myself a new pack of sharpies (always cheers me up)
bought Krispy Kreme donuts for Austin's breakfast in the morning from a Pastor who was raising money for his church. Is it tax deductible?
went to the office
had my usual fruit and yogurt for breakfast
calculated my hours and realized that if I worked more than 2 hours I would be over my "limit" for this pay period
turned on the phones and unlocked the front door but didn't put the "agent on duty" sign in the yard (not feeling that ambitious)
talked to a guy whose car got impounded for no insurance
met with a lady who wants to buy four life insurance policies (say a prayer, that's good bonus money!)
met with a couple who needed to review their auto and homeowner's insurance
helped a guy who had two cars damaged by hail last night
talked again with the guy whose car is impounded - the owner of the car moved back to Laos before they signed the title over to him, explained what he needed to do (basically, he's out of luck until Monday)
realized I had exceeded my two hours
left the office
went to the Amish bakery for multi-grain bread, dinner rolls and a treat for Austin
(it almost sounds like I'm excited to have him back home, doesn't it?)
found the LAST parking spot at Ingles and grabbed the LAST shopping cart
bought essentials for the week (meat, milk, frozen dinners)
waited in line for twenty minutes while the three fat ladies in front of me bought $500 worth of groceries, most of it with food stamps (I'm not bitter but geez... I'm working six days a week and barely getting by)
loaded groceries in car
realized my left knee is tender
got home
unloaded groceries
remembered we need cat litter
carried a load of trash to the dumpster
checked the mail - nothing good
went back to the little walmart knockoff store and bought cat litter
came home and discovered that Austin has been just pouring new litter on top of old litter
discovered that there is a pile of litter three inches thick around the litterbox
swept up most of it
tried to vacuum the rest
burned up the motor in my vacuum cleaner
swept up what I could
added "buy a new vacuum" to the list of things I need to do and can't afford
gathered dirty dishes from around the house
put fresh litter box together for the cat
changed his food and water
loaded dishwasher
cleaned out fridge
discovered soured load of towels in dryer, took them out
took out load I washed this morning from washer and put in dryer
put load of sour towels in the washer to wash again
discovered I had washed a shoe in the load of wash this morning
put together Austin's easter basket and hid it
checked email and facebook again
emptied trash can in my bathroom
debated cooking lunch
decided to do blog entry instead

It's 1pm. Ask me why I'm tired all the time. I would love to have another bill-paying, kid-minding, chore-doing adult in the house.


LYN said...


Unknown said...

oh....come here and I will give you a massage

Barbara said...

Yikes, I got tired just reading your entry. It has been one of those weeks here too.

Ryan said...

Wow. Quite the day there mom. Ummm before you "buy a new vaccuum" have someone check to see if it's not just the rubber drive belt that's burned up. Did it smell like burning rubber when it stopped working? Sorry that I can't be there to diagnose the problem for you. :-/

Anyhow. Hopefully at some point you made time for yourself. Unwind and relax. Love ya!

Tina of Moon Shine said...

i hope your afternoon was a lot better.
happy Easter!