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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my happy Wednesday

I couldn't do it every day but I do love my "leave work early" Wednesdays! The flip side is that I have to work on Saturday but... eh.... it's ok. I left work today and the sun was shining and everything was in bloom and colorful... I picked up some mushy veggies from the Cottage House... a little "meat and three" home cooking place... I picked up a loaf of bread from the Amish bakery... I came home, straightened up just a tiny little bit and then changed into my pjs. I'm in my nest with the *thankfully* still functioning laptop... my bible... my remote... my new Good Housekeeping magazine. God is good.

I'm watching old episodes of Jon and Kate. The kids are so cute but there's so much dysfunction that I never really noticed before. Reality tv is the modern day freak show. I don't mean that Jon and Kate are freaks... I just mean that we have this fascination with things that are out of the ordinary.

I know that I'm the dealer of a lot of "internet crack" and that I have gotten my long time blog readers hooked on a lot of cyber-addictions... but I have to say that I'm enjoying the twitter thing. At first I didn't really get it... it's better now. I have my "tweets" going straight to my cellphone now... which is cool. I hate to talk on the phone but I enjoy texts. Especially when the work day gets long and tedious...

I do have Whitney to keep me company during the workday, even though she's in Jacksonville. We bounce marketing ideas off of each other... ask each other questions... brag on our little successes... and just in general keep up with each other. I miss her! There's not much I miss about Jacksonville but I do miss Whitney!

I made the mistake of going into Austin's room this afternoon. I thought for one BRIEF second about cleaning it and then thought... why put myself through that stress? It will wait for him. We really do need to do a deep spring cleaning here.... but not today. I'm having one... more.... day... to rest. This is my "stay-cation" since I can't take a vacation... I'm chillin' out... ignoring the phone... ignoring the mess... having a break.

Hope you're all safe and happy and feelin' the love...


sober white women said...

ICK! who wants to clean up after children. ICK LOL