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My People
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

skidamarink a link a dink

Linky-dinky day for you… I haven't taken you guys on a linking expedition lately. Here are some that I enjoy:

Charming local inn -

My news fix -

You know I'm a home-teamer - - There are seriously some great calculators and tips on there!

Thought about getting the laptop repaired here hoping that being small town, local, etc that their price would be better but their estimate was higher than Geek Squad. Que Sera!

I also looked at this place - but it makes me a little nervous to just put my precious laptop in the mail.

Ultimately - it's not a financial priority. I'm going to Jim and Angie's this weekend to catch up on email and facebook. Otherwise, I'll just keep doing my sharpie drawings to entertain myself in the evenings and will follow what I can from the office on blogs and will enjoy the twitter text updates that I get. I gave away a ton of sharpie pictures last night at church. Some of my long time blog readers have been recipients of my previous artistic endeavors.

I never watch things when they're new/current. I've been flipping the channel whenever Friends ends every night instead of watching House of Payne. Then the other day I was distracted and just let it keep playing and there was my goofy friend Jamie Moore… playing a Richard Simmons sort of character… so I started watching and now I love the show!

Need info about your drivers license or tag in Georgia? Try This is a good resource for caring for trees on your property and advice for clearing trees after a storm. After Georgia's drought - followed by a wet and windy season - there are a lot of trees coming down on homes, cars, streets, etc. This website was recommended on the local radio station and it looks interesting.

Is it a full moon? Seems like I'm coming across all kinds of crazy today.

I'm still loving Mamma Mia the musical. We listen to an "oldies" station at work and everytime an old ABBA song comes on, I'm doing office karaoke. I have the CD in my car and it pairs nicely with bright sunshine and with windows rolled down and singing at the top of your lungs.

Although, unfortunately, the pollen is ridiculous right now. My eyes feel like they're full of gravel. They're so puffy you'd think I had an all night cry. Jamie complained of a sore throat last night so Angie put her through the Aunt Heather "Jamie's getting sick" test. I can always tell by her eyes. Her eyes were bright and shiny last night, full of giggles, if you can imagine giggly eyes… Jamie has sort of a cocker spaniel joy about her. I took one look at her and she grinned and I said, "you're not sick!" I shared her spoon at dinner so I hope she's not, anyways! Although, I seem to have build up a tolerance to her illnesses, if you'll remember her bout with the flu back at the beginning of March.

Have I mentioned the "new" girl here at work? She worked here before and then basically had to quit due to some medical issues. She's much better and was able to come back to work. Duane had some reservations about our "alpha female" personalities possibly being in conflict but I quite enjoy her. She's got a strong faith and she's a good listener. We connected right off the bat and I am glad to have her around.

Our office environment is currently very thumbs up. There are definitely worse ways to make a living. I'm loving my new *private* office with the big window and pretty blue flowers outside… I'll post some pictures whenever I get a chance.

My boss' sweet wife gave me a new conditioner to try on my hair - expensive stuff. The result - still - no matter what I try, no matter what it costs, my garnier fructisse always works best and it's cheap. I use the cream when my hair is curly and the oil when it's straight and it does just fine for about $4 a bottle.

I know that it's spring time because my winter stockings are all starting to wear out and get holes in them. I don't wear "pantyhose" because they run too easily. I wear tights. They look better (I think) and last longer. I've had six pair of tights to last me since I got here - so six months worth of wearing four days a week, plus Sundays. That's a pretty good bargain.

My power bill is lower now. We've gotten the power bill down to below $50 a month, which I think is great, considering our place is total electric.

I've been brown bagging to work all week due to my "no spending diet". I forgot this morning. Gonna hit the dollar menu. I've been eating nutrigrain bars for breakfast. I bought a case of them from Costco back in February... living off the bounty of the pantry... but they don't keep me that full... so I have to eat a decent lunch. Grilled cheese is on the menu for dinner. Austin doesn't complain. We had a good dinner at church last night - ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, biscuit and some of that awesome sweet tea.

Ok. That's enough for now. Have a great Thursday! Love and hugs!


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