My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today we have photos for the church directory. I straightened my hair and did pageant hair (on hot rollers) and it's semi-cute but very humidity sensitive.

I had to work this morning and it was fairly productive... I did a good bit of marketing and met with a prospective client. If the new client goes ahead and writes coverage with us, it's about $30 worth of commission. I mean, I won't be able to retire off the money, but it's something extra.

Austin wanted to be dropped off at Tasha's this morning and I agreed... with the understanding that when I came to pick him up, he needed to be ready to go. I told him i would be there at 12:30...

So I go to pick him up and honk... and then text Tasha... and nothing. It's like there's nobody there. When I get all the way to our house... I get a text, "I couldn't leave yet because Tasha wasn't ready."

Excuse me?

I called and said, "I'm coming to get you at 2pm. Be ready. Tasha isn't going with us and you're on restriction the rest of the weekend. She doesn't dictate our schedule". She's power tripping. I don't mind a bit if my boys want to be hen-pecked, if that's their choice. My life, however, is not going to be ruled by a 15 year old girl. Especially one I didn't give birth to.

He hung up on me. I was stuttering into the phone... "NO, he di-unt!"... I called back and said, "I'm on the way NOW. Be ready."

That was a half hour ago and I haven't said a word to him other than, "Get a shower and get dressed."

Now I don't care WHAT my hair looks like because I know we're going to end up looking like American Gothic. I'm angry.