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My People
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

lots of love

Sometimes fabulousity coincides and it’s almost too much to handle… if all the stars align I will have two very special people arriving at the Atlanta Airport on the very same day in October! Wanna guess who they are? I’ll tell you in a minute. They are completely unrelated and they’re traveling separately from two completely different places. Either one would be a major – once a year or less treat for me – and they’re coming to the same place on the same day and they’re trying to coordinate their arrival times. It will be a red-letter day for me! And… and… what’s even better… they leave on the same day so we might be able to hook up a second time… more in a minute.

Today I had lunch with my big brother… it was nice. We ate at the little storefront Japanese place behind the gas station in Cornelia. They don’t have miso soup. It’s nowhere near as nice as Sekisui in Jacksonville where I used to spend wonderful relaxing lunch hours… but the food is good and it’s quick and it wasn’t expensive. (especially since it was his treat! love it!) And we had a good time. We never get to speak in uninterrupted complete thoughts... at church there are so many people around and when the girls are around there's all that activity... and honestly, when Angie and I are together, we chatter nonstop... so it was a treat to be able to have my Bubba's undivided attention and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I heart my Bubba.

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with another adopted niece, Stasha. She’s such a sweetie… she’s been to Nevada on a mission trip and I haven’t felt like doing anything except work and sleep since she’s been back so we’re having lunch. Maybe if we’re lucky, Angie will be able to come too… Stasha just oozes excitement... she's a beautiful young lady and she is such a source of encouragement for me. I heart her too.

I was texting back and forth with my other adopted niece, Jessie, this morning as she was traveling back from New Orleans with Angie and the girls. It was funny. Jessie is funny. I heart Jessie.

School starts tomorrow! I am not excited about this.

Purple Michael’s boyfriend Ross who is going to school for some kind of nutrition degree (and I am horrible to never be able to remember exactly what it is)… at any rate… I emailed back and forth with him all morning to get tips on managing my illness. I’ll go into more details when I have more time… but I am inspired. I heart Ross.

The first time I was on steroids I felt better pretty quickly but this time I’m not. However, the first time they hit me with a high dose and then tapered it. This time we’re doing a steady dose. Yesterday the doctor called and suggested that I try prilosec. I have zero heartburn symptoms but she wants to be sure to eliminate reflux as a reason for my sore throat and *eyeroll* whatever. Michele, I haven’t talked to anyone about the AAT because I have only seen my regular doctor and really… she’s passed the diagnostic burden to the pulmonologist who I will see next Wednesday. I heart health insurance.

Ok… so my brother Bryan, who lives in New York has been dating the same girl for some time. For the first year or so he referred to her as “the girl”… and then when I went to New York in February 2006, I finally got to meet Candice. I was nervous… I mean… she’s very Sex and the City sophisticated and highly evolved and I’m this local yokel from the deep south with kudzu in my veins. We got along great. She’s got the same razor wit that my brothers and I all have and she’s frank and edgy and … we have the best email conversations. We have continued to communicate and I’ve seen her a couple of times since… she and Bryan came to my wedding in Vegas… and there have been two Christmas trips and we’ve just bonded. I heart Candice.

So… last October her grandmother passed away. They were very close and it was a tough loss for her. When I had my anniversary meltdown in July she mentioned that she was planning a getaway around that same time this year to help keep her mind off of things. Sometimes that's the best way to deal with what you know will be a tough time, like it or not. Unfortunately… Bryan has a case that goes to trial that week (he does more than just go to Paris and Vegas and stuff. He actually works for a living. I don’t talk about it much, but he does). So Candice was bummed… so I said, “why don’t you come down here? Jim and Angie have a nice guest suite with a private bath and sitting room and private entrance and porch and it will be October in the mountains…” and *pending confirmation of room availability with Angie* she’s coming! I heart Angie for being so hospitable.

Maybe I shouldn’t volunteer my brother’s house without his permission. But he was excited and Angie is excited and I was thrilled at the idea of having Candice around. Also… these mountains have healing properties. There is no better place to be with no agenda and just be able to catch your breath, do what you feel like doing and realize that there is permanence in this world. The mountains don’t change. They are eternal. I always find hope in the beauty of this place and this place is never more beautiful than in October. I heart the mountains.

Then… this morning… Purple Michael mentioned that he is planning a trip to Atlanta in October. Hoping against hope that his trip would coincide with my trip to the city to get Candice from the airport or take her back to the airport and… would you believe they are arriving and departing the very same days??? So I hooked them up via email (they’ve never met) and she is coordinating her arrival and departure times with his so we will. All. Be. At. The airport at the same time!!! It’s the perfect storm of frivolity for me! Fabulous meets fabulous! His charm. Her wit. My giggles. All in the same zip code! I can’t WAIT! I heart Purple Michael

My two travel wishes for this year were to get to New York City to see Bryan, Candice and… well, NYC… and to get to Chicago to see my beloved Michael. It just wasn’t possible. Not this year but… instead… Chicago and New York are coming to me! Am I just the luckiest girl in the world OR WHAT?

Candice has already chatted with Michael enough today to know that he is wonderful… and I said… who knows… maybe next year we’ll all meet up in Chicago???

Must run… more later maybe, I just had to share!


Dawn said...

Very happy for you that you are going to have 2 fab visitors in Oct! I take it Purple Michael will be staying with you... awesome!

be well...

sober white women said...

Good things are happening in your life and it is just great!
Life is so good

moshell's lilbit of space said...

YaY Heather...I am so excited for you and your visitors!!!

Keep me updated....

JennBand08 said...

Oh that is so exciting. I heart happy airport encounters!

stasha said...

aww Aunt Heather you are soo sweet! I heart you too!