My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My possibility bag

My "possibility bag" - named by my little friend Zoey - because it's "full of all the things I could possibly need"... is overflowing. Since I have nothing exciting to blog about... tonight I'm blogging the contents of my Possibility Bag.

one black and white print scarf
a goody bag of pens from Servpro
a jumbo bag of cherry flavored halls cough drops
a cellphone - turned off
a digital camera
the book "Under His Wings" by Patsy Clairmont
a large cucumber from Shirley's neighbor's garden
an alligator clip - large
a pack of azo standard pills
a list of what I'm supposed to do for my budget meeting next week
a booklet "The Word For You Today" from December, January and February from the Torch church - where Duane and Ginger go to church (it was left in her desk)
my "fauxch" wallet - it's the Target imitation of coach
my business cards
two empty pill bottles so I'll remember to refill them
a fork
a spoon
a sucker with the State Farm logo on it
a ziploc bag with change
dental floss
six different color lip glosses
a tube of lotion
a cat

Ok. The cat's not really IN my Possibility Bag. He's just highly interested in what's going on in there. He routinely boxes with the Gator on the front of my bag. Right now he's conquering the cucumber.

Time for Big Brother.

Hope you're carrying a bag full of possibility too. Love and hugs!


stasha said...

I love your Possibility bag! and I love the fact that you ALWAY have what I need just at the right time in your possility bag! I also love how you have 6 different tubes of lip glass! It reminds me of that one time after church when we where in your car and SB and AJ put in that BRIGHT red lip gloss! lol! it was so funny! oh and save that sucker I might want it later! lol! Love you!

moshell's lilbit of space said...

It really isn't a bag of possibilities it is more of a hard journal. I keep quotes & inspirational words for me to get inspired by.

Little notes my kids or hubby have wrote me....I love it....and wouldn't give it up for the world.

Thinking of you today.

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