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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, August 14, 2009

it's friday, y'all

Weekend countdown. Three hours and some change. I’ve been trying to keep my nose to the grindstone today... trying to drum up some cha-ching. So far I’ve made three appointments and one other State Farm agent mad. Not the agent – one of his employees. And not really mad so much as… she wanted to know why I was calling her client to set up an appointment… and I didn’t really call her client, I called his brother who is our client, only our client didn’t really understand English so it got confused. This is life, I suppose.

On lunch I went to the really bad Chinese buffet place in Cornelia. It was, as expected, really bad. Usually it’s fairly empty so even though it’s not great food, I can enjoy some peace and quiet. Today it was crowded and there was this really loud lady sitting at the next table. It was hard to concentrate. I went back to the office and sat in the parking lot for a few minutes to really be able to have some quality time with God.

Here’s what He gave me today – two verses, both from Psalm 72.
Verse 3 – The mountains will bring prosperity to the people, the hills the fruit of righteousness.
Verse 12 – For He will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help.

I love any verses about mountains because I so strongly believe that the mountains have been healing for me. I am calmed by the very sight of the mountains in the distance. Every time I venture south, I cry out in praise when the mountains appear on the horizon on my way back north. It’s home. It was always meant to be my home, I just had to do some other things in other places first.

Verse 12 is awesome because deliverance – the promise of deliverance – is a really cool thing. And it’s been proven true for me over and over again.

I had a young couple in my office today… just outside the (closed) door was his mother. While we were talking about their insurance coverage, the young lady told me she had just found out that she’s pregnant. And then she said, “shhhh! We haven’t told his mother yet… we don’t know how to tell her… what do you think?” and I said, “I think you should tell her before you tell anyone else…” Like the random insurance person that you just met. People are funny. I gave them a coloring book.

Whitney and her bf (Richie Rich – not his real name) are planning to go to see the Gators play at LSU this fall. I told her she would have to send me photos during the game since I live vicariously through her… and her fabulous travels. The Adventures of Whitney, the Gator Girl. Picture former sorority girl in sundress with red solo cup in hand… looking tanned and slightly buzzed… with the good looking former frat boy at her side, similarly buzzed. I’d envy her if she wasn’t just a fabulous person who works hard to be able to do fabulous things. I’m ready for football season to begin… ready to spend my Saturdays in front of the tv watching every possible game… or napping while the tv watches me. I confided to Whitney that I’m SICK of seeing red or black pickup trucks with the “circle G” Georgia logo on them. Every other vehicle on the road… ugh. That’s the only problem with living here – too close to UGA.

I asked Austin if he wanted to go to his high school football games this fall. He is just not that kind of kid. He doesn’t understand football and doesn’t get the social significance of being at the games, even if you’re not into football. He could be home playing Wii. Or glued to Tasha’s side.

Two hours to go. Not all of the past hour has been spent typing. Really. Only a small fraction. Things will bust open here in a few minutes. Fridays are feast and famine. It’s mind numbingly slow and then it’s completely frazzled. We’re one person short today – we pretty much are shorthanded every Friday, one way or another. Duane hates us to take off on Mondays but I think Fridays are worst. I usually try to take Wednesdays, since I work a shorter day that day anyways. I’m losing less hours.

I’m glad I’m not working tomorrow and glad to have a day with the girls planned… Sarabeth, Jamie, Stasha and maybe even Jessie. Two little girls and two big girls. For the lady with four brothers and three sons. It’s good to have girls in my life too. I was destined to be a boy mommy and I think I was a pretty good boy mommy… but it’s nice to have girl time too.

I guess that’s it for now. Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing… love and hugs!