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My People
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Friday, August 28, 2009

weekend countdown

Yesterday my lifelong friend and sister of the heart left a facebook status talking about that moment that you hit in every workday when you know you are no longer going to accomplish anything productive… yesterday she hit that at 8am. I said I understood and then amended it to say (tongue in cheek) that I AM ALWAYS productive, every minute of the day (since my boss has facebook). Today I may have to admit that I’ve hit that point. Maybe I’ll rally and get my second wind here in a minute and get some calls made and so on and so forth. Right now, I’m feeling Weekend Countdown burnout BIG TIME!

Three and a half hours to go.

By the way, any time I work on Saturday, the following Friday I run out of steam. This is why I never work two Saturdays in a row. I’d be worthless by Wednesday.

The lady at Sonic yelled at me today because I parked under the awning that was across the parking lot from the restaurant so when she brought out my food, she had to walk in pouring rain. “Why’d you park all the way over here?” And I stuttered and stammered and got defensive and said, “it wasn’t raining when I got here. Traffic was blocking the other side of the parking lot. You should be wearing a raincoat!” And I tipped her two dollars.

It is sweater weather today… in August in Georgia… which hardly ever happens… and I am loving it! That’s why I went to sonic in the first place… because it was comfy weather.

I am feeling ridiculously unstressed today which is a huge blessing and most likely the result of prayers of some very sweet people who remember me in prayer daily… and also partly because it’s Friday and the stress is melting away. No matter how bad it is… I’ll get a break in approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes. And once I take Sarabeth to her friend Jorjann’s house for Jorjann’s birthday party, I plan to go home, get in my pjs and put my hair in a ponytail and hibernate for the next 36 hours. I’ll probably run to the farmer’s market and to the amish bakery. I may even clean house a bit. But regardless… I can do whatever I want, however I want and that makes me really happy.

I have to get busy marketing. Y’all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs!


Missie said...

Have a good weekend!!