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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, August 17, 2009

my manic Monday

*Cough* *Cough* *Puke* *Puke*
We're a fun household. Stop by sometime, won't you? I have some surgical masks... leftover from my last germy illness back in Jacksonville.

Austin spent the overnight hours throwing up again. I don't know if he didn't get rid of the virus from Friday or what his deal is... I'm just glad he's past the age of vomitting on himself. Ugh. Those were some miserable times... I can't tell you how much vomit I've cleaned up in the last (almost) 23 years. When I woke up to find him with a bucket (with a trash bag in it, way to go, Auggie!) beside him... I thanked God for how far we've come.

I know that some people grieve for the loss of their kids' childhoods... we had a great time, my kids and me... and I thank God for them... they grew (are growing) into some really cool people. But I don't miss that itty bitty puke on themselves stage. I don't miss diapers. Middle of the night feedings. Ear infections. Nebulizers. Stepping on legos in the middle of the night. Poop Picassos.

Ok. Maybe I miss it just a little bit. Honestly... if I had to clean up puke right now, it would probably push me over the edge.

I'm coughing like crazy today. I feel like I can't get my throat clear. It feels like every rib is broken. I added all the meds they wanted me to add... and so far, nothing. People here are sending out search parties for me... I've burrowed so far deep in my nest... people think I've moved. I just want to BREATHE!

And while I'm complaining anyways, let me just have a word with you smokers out there.... STOP! The smell clings to you and makes me choke.

But enough about me and my minor afflictions.

My friend Jennifer's husband was in a motorcycle accident last week and he's in bad shape. Long story... in my world of one and a half degrees of separation... Dan was married to my friend Rachel. They had two little girls together - Jennifer and Rebecca. Rebecca and Cody were smitten with each other about... oh, gosh, I guess it was about 13 years ago... she cheered for his little football team. They were smitten enough that when my first husband's grandfather married his second wife and we went to Clarkesville, Tennessee for the wedding, we left Cody with Rachel so that Cody could escort Rebecca in their homecoming ceremony that weekend. He was six or seven at the time. At that time I was a (sort of) stay at home mom and kept kids after school... Jennifer and Rebecca were two of the kids I kept. Dan and Rachel divorced... Rachel remarried a super nice guy... many years later, Dan married my friend Jennifer... they have a cutie-patootie little girl together... and Dan is now at Grady Hospital and has a long road ahead of him to get back to healthy. So if you pray, remember Jennifer and Dan and their family.

Remember Josiah, my friend Misti's little boy who was not growing? Well... I saw a picture of him this past weekend and he is a chubby little Gerber baby! He even has a double chin! They're in Louisiana - but I think they're making a trip up here soon.

Austin has a field trip tomorrow with the Future Farmers of America. *laugh* I hope he's well enough to go and actually enjoy himself. Wednesday we start our bible study group back... and Thursday I have to go to the school for a meeting about raising the pig... which still makes me laugh. I'm working Saturday. We have photos for the church directory on Saturday. Next week I have to go to a class in Braselton... I have a doctors appointment Tuesday (checkup) and then another CT scan and my lung function test on Wednesday. And it's just an action packed life here in the hills... so we have to feel better, me and Auggie. No way around it!

My friend Cyndi has two kids who are down with the same bug Austin has... oddly, enough, not her child that is Austin's age... but anyways... she was making chicken soup for them today. I'm not nearly that domestic. I bought sprite and popsicles. I think he'll be ok. He got up and took a shower about an hour ago... I struggled with whether or not to leave him today to go to work. I ended up going in and working a little more than half a day. He's 15 but he still needs his mommy... and he was definitely glad to see me come in the door with the sprite.

So that's the scoop. Hope you're all doing well...


moshell's lilbit of space said...

did you get the finger prick test done for the AAT?

Hope Austin is feeling better today. I know what you mean about not having to do the "mommy stuff" anymore, Tony gets the yucky jobs now...I put my time in. I love them & all, but yeah, it's not baby stuff anymmore!!! LOL