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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Finish Friday

It's Friday! I woke up shortly before 4am with Trouble - the cat formerly known as Lexilishus - curled up beside me... he had his furry little head on the pillow beside me and was sleeping on his back. It was ridiculously cute! I wish I had pillow cam so I could show you...

How cute are my girls? Sarabeth is dressed for her first day of school... Jamie is showing her cheerleading trophy. They are 8 and 6 now... time is flying so fast!

My throat is still bothering me but my self-diagnosis has changed from strep to sinus infection... based on the killer sinus headache I had all day yesterday and the junk in my throat. I lost my voice a little yesterday but kept the hot tea flowing and that kept me in the game all day.

I left the office and was driving toward the consignment sale and realized I had no idea what I wanted to shop for, no idea of my current measurements (that's how I thrift store shop - I take a tape measure and measure the clothing to make sure it will fit me) no cash and no real desire to do anything other than go home. So far I've made $2 from the sale.... I can keep track online of my inventory which is REALLY COOL!

Austin was sound asleep when I got home. He's sort of draggin' this week too, bless his heart, but he's made it all week at school, minus the last few minutes due to his wardrobe malfunction on Tuesday.

Now that I have cleared out those 67 items of clothing I am ready to get my closet organized this weekend. I'll let you know if it actually happens... but I'm inspired, at least.  We also have some major house cleaning to do because we have really let the kitchen go this week. The living room barely gets used so it's easy to clean. I ignore Austin's bathroom and keep mine clean so there's not much to do there... and Austin's room... I'm in denial this week. Can't face the truth there.

Yesterday at work was exhausting... the big part of my work had not been done because it's in a different place on the computer than what it used to be and my back up didn't know to look there ...  so it took me all day to catch that up, plus emails, plus new stuff coming in that needed my attention. That's what left me hoarse... but I had a great conversation with an 84 year old lady who lived most of her life in Atlanta and remembers the grand old days of Atlanta when ladies would dress up, including hats and gloves and go to the tearoom in the Riches store downtown. She remembered Dr. Newton who used to live next door to my great-grandmother - used to listen to his sermons on the radio. She was delighted to be able to talk to someone who knew of and actually cared about Atlanta history. It was a treat for me as well... old people are our living history books.

Anyways... in 12 short hours, Lord willing, I'll slide down the dinosaur's back and toot the "yabba dabba dooo" horn. Everybody's working for the weekend... at least in this house...

Happy Friday, y'all! Love and hugs!


Jim Gant said...

Your Grandaddy Gant worked for Rich's as an interior decorator during the early 1950s.

I remember Dr. Louie D. Newton well. His dog "Memo" once bit me on the behind. I also remember the chinese checker parties he held for the big wigs in Atlanta. Dr. Louie D kept Atlanta "dry" for a number of years that way.