My People

My People
My People - Cosette, Austin, Oliver, Cody, me & Ryan. Just think, had I not lived, these people wouldn't be on the planet. They are my whole heart!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newsday Tuesday... Picking the right man for the job...

If you think about it... picking a President is like picking a husband...
You want a man who is strong, intelligent, brave...
You want a man who presents himself well, knows how to dress to impress.
You want a man who is sober and serious.. but congenial and charming.
You want a man who can take a few hits and still keep going.
You want a man who knows who he is and is not swayed by public opinion.
You want a man who will take your opinion seriously.
You want a man who is above reproach, without skeletons in his closet.
You want a man who is even tempered.
You want a man who trust the Lord and realizes that God is someone you talk to every day, not just in times of crisis. You want a man who lives his faith so that it is evident to all.
You want a man who works hard, is wise with his finances, who doesn't accumulate a lot of debt.
You want a man who stands strong on his principles... who doesn't blame others for his mistakes... who takes ownership of a problem in order to correct it.

Simple enough, right? Except... I'm still single and we sure don't have a man of that type of character in the White House now... nor do I see a worthy candidate out there. Yet.

That's the political side of NewsDay Tuesday.

Closer to home... I fell asleep sitting in my recliner last night at ... I can't tell you what time. My dinner was beside me... I really crashed and burned. Didn't take ambien. Just sat down and was so exhausted I fell asleep. I got up around 1am and moved to the bed. Slept until 4 something. Still feeling icky/draggy/wiped out. Got a cough that's settling deeper into my lungs.

So there's not much happening in Heatherland... work/sleep/work/sleep.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday! Love and hugs!