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My People
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whiny Wednesday - why's everybody always pickin' on me?

Why's everybody always pickin' on me?

I mean, obviously that's not TRUE... but I definitely have crossed paths with a lot of people not doing what they ought to do over the past 24 hours and it drives me nuts!

Lack of personal responsibility. Failure to respond and respect authority. Bitter rhetoric.

I should explain.

Have you seen the commercial with the guy whose car is up a telephone pole who calls his (former) State Farm agent and cries to her... but he dropped his Sf coverage. Periodically we get these calls from people who have had a loss and need to file a claim... and at that time they'll realize that they didn't have the coverage they thought they had... whenever I write a new policy or change an old policy, I always say, "when your policy comes in the mail, open it and make sure you have the coverages we talked about"... inevitably... people don't and they want to blame their agent when they don't have the coverage they want when they're up a telephone pole. We're careful...but everybody has skin in the game. Personal responsibility. That's all I'm sayin'.

Austin is in hedonistic mode again... he's doing exactly what he wants, when he wants. He's gotten fairly aggressive with me about telling me what *I* will and won't do. He flipped out on me yesterday because I had the windows open and actually said, "I am not going to allow you to have these windows open"... after what I have endured in my past, may God help the man who tells me what I can and cannot do... he better be putting a ring on my finger, paying my rent or signing my paycheck... otherwise... I'm gonna do what I want to do. Conversely... little boy... little sponge who soaks up money faster than I can earn it... needs to do what I ask, when I ask without attitude.

The litter box was supposed to be changed on Saturday. I have asked every single day since and it is still overflowing and stinking up my house and I am ANGRY about it. However... approaching Austin with anger is a guarantee that you will not get the result you want. It's exhausting raising this child. It used to be physically exhausting... now it's emotionally exhausting. You have to position yourself to get the kind of cooperation you want and need. It's never accomplished by anger. Even though I am.... angry.

I'm still not ready to discuss bitter rhetoric... I'm still too discouraged by what the following people have said about their political opponents in the past few days: Joe Biden, Jimmy Hoffa Jr, Maxine Waters... and others... there is nothing to be accomplished by a call to violence or a dismissal of an entire segment of the population because their political views conflict or challenge your own. Diversity makes us better. Acceptance of diversity, I should say, makes us better. Nobody - or few people - are all wrong. NOBODY is always right. We need to stand strong for what is right... but we need to be open enough to consider the perspective of others. Personal attacks never solve anything...

One last whine and then I'm going to move on to better things... my back pain has gone from an aggravation to practically crippling. I was driving home yesterday whining before the Lord about it and I thought, "there was a moment it STARTED... why is it beyond the realm of possibility to believe there could be a moment it STOPS?" It defies logic. Most days I'm resolute and just deal with it. Occasionally I'm bitter about how it restricts me.... like not being able to change the litter box myself. I can't stand that smell.

OK... now that's enough Whiny Wednesday. Yesterday's mail call brought two awesome books in the mail from my friend Kelli in California... I am so excited to start reading them and I am ready for a fresh perspective. I am always amazed by the people in my life and I can't imagine how I could possibly deserve the many kindnesses that are shown to me... I just always pray that God returns ten fold what has been given to me... and I pray that I show the same kindnesses to others that is continuously shown to me.

The mail also brought a check for Austin's accident from the other day so I can get Pop's money back to him... and there is enough extra to carry us through until the next payday (or until those two items that were misappropriated from my accounts are returned and/or child support is received). God is always right on time.

That's the story for today... into every life a little aggravation must fall... it's evidence that we're still alive... the key to true happiness is to find joy *in spite of* your circumstances. If your happiness comes from exterior influences... your happiness can easily be taken away. Live life with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for those little blessings that come every day and those little aggravations... like a smelly litter box... will be easily to handle.

Love and hugs, y'all... and if you see Austin today, tell him to change the litter box, would you?