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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, September 12, 2011

two windows... no waiting...
I promise, it may not seem like it but there are always reasons to love Monday. I'm talking to myself... but maybe you need a pep talk too today... I've got to turn a few negatives into positives so bear with me (and pray for me)... have to look beyond what is seen and believe in that which we can't see... so here goes...

1. Even though I'm really stuffed up and feeling a major sinus infection brewing... I'm gonna LOVE Monday because I'll be too busy to worry about it.
What are you lookin' at?
 2. EVEN THOUGH.... the dish is full of unwashed dishes... I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY because I believe that either Austin is going to surprise me and take care of it or I'm going to have a power surge and find the energy to deal with them.

3. EVEN THOUGH... I have to take my clothes to the on Wednesday and have 67 items still not tagged... I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY because I know that I'm gonna make progress on getting those clothes ready to go. And because the people who hold this sale are so completely, incredibly organized, by this time next week I'm going to know how much I made AND I'm gonna have some new stuff because I get to go to the Sellers preview sale on Thursday night.

4. EVEN THOUGH... my spine is feeling compressed and every step is agony... I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY because I'm planning on being so busy and so focused on my job AND ON SELLING LIFE insurance that I'm not even going to notice the pain.

5. I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY because we finally have a replacement for Holly. She isn't trained on our systems yet but I'm trusting that she's going to be a fast learner and make a huge impact on our agency.

6. EVEN THOUGH I see a grammatical error on the photo of the rogue tomato damage, I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY because I'm not a perfectionist and don't have to be here on my blog.

7. I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY this week because last week the threat of another major attack was looming in the air for the 9-11 anniversary and it didn't happen. I believe our country is much better protected than it was ten years ago... but still a long way from what we need to be.

8. I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY because it won't be that long before I'm back in my cozy little nest, loving the view out my windows... just like my kitties do.

9. I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY today because Austin is retaking the math portion of the graduation test and he HAS to pass it to be able to graduate. He is confident he can do it... and I'm praying that he has a clear mind and wisdom to do what has to be done. I LOVE MONDAY because he is so close to being finished with high school.

10. I'm gonna LOVE MONDAY this week because I *JUST KNOW* that you guys are going to leave me comments (hint, hint) letting me know why you LOVE MONDAY and I'll be able to check my blog during the day and be encouraged by your RTLM (reasons to love Monday).

Have a great Monday and a great week, y'all!


Terri said...

Because I woke up. And yesterday I decided that today is my quit smoking day. And its my ex-stepdads birthday.

Wendy in Oz said...

I love that despite all the crap you can find a positive in everything. You Miss Heather are one amazing woman.

Love hugs and admiration from Down Under....xxxx

Jess Miller said...

ok day late.. but love mondays because it is one day closer to friday and this week is a very important new path(i hope) will be shown to me.