My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, September 2, 2011

Trouble the cat (formerly known as Lish, formerly known as Lex) has appointed himself my co-writer. He seems to know the difference between my game playing time and my actual writing time. He tries to get in between my face and fingers on the keyboard as if he's proof reading everything I write. Every now and then he lifts his back toward me as if to say "really? you're writing about THAT?".... or he'll start licking my fingers on the key as if to dictate.

I should let him post sometime so you would know what's going on in Trouble's brain. It might help... I mean, did he hate the color of the bedroom curtains so bad that he had to rip them down, curtain road and all? And was he disappointed with the brand of toilet paper? Or was it just tasty... fun to run through the house with... and if he could please tell me what he did with my new lip gloss that was sitting on the bedside table but has since disappeared. I mean.... I know he thinks he owns the place but it would be nice if I could at least have a room of my own.

He's definitely his own person - I mean feline. He is working with his own agenda and very selfish with who he shows affection. Mostly me... he's my siamese twin.

Stubby is dragging lately. I was really worried we were losing him the other day... he's gotten into a position that he rarely moves from. He doesn't come when he calls and he doesn't come when we get the num-nums out and get ready to feed them.

I've got some kind of pharmaceutical hangover today. I'm really unsteady on my feet... listing to one side... vision kind of blurred... dizzy... and wooow... so sleepy that I think I could sleep for twenty four hours. I'd love to call in sick and make this a four day weekend but there's too much to be done... and few too many to do it. Gotta hang with my peeps and fake it until I make it. Austin and I both have a cough - probably from sitting in the waiting room at the Urgent Care Center.

His foot looks better now (as of last night) and it's not as painful for him. He did alright at school with me dropping him off and his girlfriend Charity bringing him home. I may stop off at the doctor to see if I have strep....I've got that kind of sore throat.... and I catch it so easy.

At any rate... no talk of bras today, hope that helped my gentle gentlemen readers.

Plans for the weekend are to hibernate, lay in supplies early and vegetate all weekend. Cody and Quee may make a trip up to see the mommy and if so, I'll take them somewhere fun for dinner and make the most of their time... but otherwise.... rest. I'm so desperate for rest.

Maybe I'll have some inspirational posts later... today it's "game face on" pushing through all the things I have to do but don't feel like doing.... because that's just how we roll around - KEEP BREATHING~

Hope you have an amazing day! Love and hugs!~


Anonymous said...

First, love your "NEW LOOK"! The haircut makes you look younger.

I have a cat like this. His name is Oscar. He thinks he is a dog, a person, a detective, a writer, a door bell, a back scrather, a water temperature tester, a chef & taste tester, a dog comb, a scientist & a cat.

Point you ask... I get it. My cat could be your cat minus the issues at hand. But my kitty is very young and fiesty. He makes my day interesting!

Anonymous said...

By the By, I'm having a GIVEAWAY if you would like to submit your name. I'd love to have you. Tammy