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My People
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Thankful for prayer

I went to the doctor yesterday and lost another hour and a half of my life that I'll never get back. I love my doctor, I really do. She's a sweetheart... she really cares. But while I was in the exam room, pacing for 45 minutes, I overheard her chatting with the office staff... making phone calls to dispute a request for records... arguing about whether or not a patient who was in a wheelchair could be weighed... I mean... it's not like she was doing surgery on me. It wasn't a huge, difficult, involved diagnostic process. I have infection in both ears, sinus infection, upper respiratory infection and my left eye is infected. She thinks it started with allergies and exacerbated. I got a penicillin shot and was sent on my way. Her total time with me was about 8 minutes. The nurses spent more time with me just getting my vitals and giving me the shot. And for this... my insurance is billed $125. I don't know... it just didn't sit well with me.

But it's a small town. My options are limited. I like walking through the door and the receptionist immediately knowing who I am and asking about my kid and how my back is doing. The past couple of visits, though, have been unreasonably lengthy and I don't like wasting time.

So... that's the deal, though... my ears are full of fluid and my left eye is really weak. The upper respiratory stuff is annoying but not being able to hear clearly and not being able to see out of one eye is what aggravates me the most.

Our neighbors have moved to Columbia.. or rather are on their way now. Pray for their safe travels and their new life back in Maribel's home country. Praying we get nice, quiet folks next door. People who are sociable for Austin's benefit and not offended that I'm not sociable. He really enjoyed James and Maribel and they were very good to Austin.

Austin is working with our maintenance man this weekend. Austin said he didn't know if he was getting paid or not but... surprisingly... he said it was ok either way. Seems like he's finally buying into my theory about "interning" to learn skills that he can later get paid for. No matter what they're doing this weekend, without a doubt, he'll learn how to do things that will be of value to him at some point in his lifetime. I'm proud of him for shifting from his, "no money, no work" paradigm. That's just not how the world turns. It's also a huge thing, from an Asperger/Autism standpoint for him to see value in something that is intangible. "helping" is valuable. "learning" is valuable. Lots of things that don't actually translate into cash in your wallet are valuable.

My cousin Rik, who I had not seen since childhood until our last reunion in March, has a stepson, Ivan, who was in a serious car accident on Tuesday. Initially the report was that he was on life support but from what I can tell... reading in between the lines of his mom, Vanessa's updates, etc, it sounds like he has a good prognosis but will have a long recovery. I can't imagine the fear that strikes a mother's heart when she gets the news that her 16 year old son is seriously injured. They were heavy on my heart all day yesterday. I only briefly met Vanessa at the reunion but we've connected via facebook... and I've been able to interact with cousin Rik via facebook... and their blended, Brady bunch family... I prayed for Ivan, of course, throughout the day but as a mommy, I really felt a burden to pray for Vanessa, for the decisions she has to make, for the strength she needs, for the care and keeping of the other children. It's a great thing that she married a Pennington because we are a praying family and have been for generations. To my knowledge, other than my grandparents, who were born in 1908 and 1910, we have never lost a family member, not even a stepfamily member.

It's another short workday for me as Austin has the Probe fair at school this afternoon. I'm allowed to go with him and I think it's important that I do- so that we are both on the same page as far as what's available and what's pragmatic for his future.

At any rate... it's Thursday... and I guess I involved quite a bit of whining and complaining in this post. I didn't mean to... just sort of relaying the frustrations I'm up against today... and I know that there are many of you who will take those frustrations and lift them - and me - up in prayer. I'm thankful for that. For the power of prayer, for the huge number of praying friends and family members that I have, for living a life that is so richly blessed that the worst thing I have to complain about is too much time spent receiving medical care for a minor illness. Hope your worst things today are minor... hope you find power in prayer... and I hope you have a Thankful Thursday!

love and hugs!