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My People
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Newsday Tuesday... Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

I was happily nesting away yesterday... watching a "How I Met Your Mother" marathon... (as usual, I never watch a sitcom until it's in syndication and has several years already under it's belt) ... and when I flipped over to the local news station - local being a bit of an exaggeration as we are 90 miles north of Atlanta... they were having wall to wall panicked "the sky is falling" coverage about tornadoes that were popping up around North Georgia. I went into my usual high alert and watched the coverage nonstop for about four hours, until the hard rain started here and the satellite went out. It was high drama, indeed.

The bulk of the damage seems to be around Woodstock, GA, which, long term blog readers will remember I lived at one time in the pre-marriage to Michael, post-trailer years. Or year, rather, it was just one year that we were there. It was a sad and miserable time for me as I felt very, very alone and my kids were being treated so badly and with such contempt by their prospective step-father. We were happiest when he moved to Jacksonville and left us in Woodstock for about six months of the time. We lived the way we wanted... and I had a housekeeper come in the day before Darby came back so that he couldn't brow-beat me about my shortcomings as a homemaker. Which I wasn't... I worked full time.

But I digress. We got a lot of rain here and the weather has stayed mild enough for me to keep the windows open. Fall is on our way... we are expecting temps to go no higher than 80 all week. I have been miserable in this summer heat... partially because the meds I'm on make me sweat and partially because the meds I'm on have caused weight gain. I'm really not eating that much... but the pounds are piling on. Discouraging.

I almost feel like I should do a reasons to love Tuesday entry... I'm not bummed to be going back to work but I'm not feeling well and I know it will be another battle of will to find the strength to do all the things I need to do and carry my load at work. I really wish I had the resources to take a staycation... I need a whole week off... but I haven't had one, other than through illnesses... in three years... and I haven't had one because I only get a week of vacay time and I've had to use that in place of sick days.

Oops. The rain is falling hard again and the satellite signal has gone out. As long as it stops before time for Austin to go to the bus stop... otherwise... I'll need to take him to the bus stop or to school and I don't relish either activity in the early morning and/or rain.

My two new obsessions are Pinterest and "How I Met Your Mother"... I've made a few pinterest boards... I could spend HOURS on there... reminds me of when I used to spend hours compiling graphics for my blog. I'm so boring now, aren't I? Just words... and a picture thrown in for good measure from time to time.

I need to do a home decor board because I keep thinking of things I want for this little apartment... I need a low shelf that I could put under my windows to serve as both a cat window perch and a place for storage. I'm having to be creative with storage. I also need a bookshelf.... have about four boxes of books without a home. And I need a good sturdy shelf for displaying my teapots and teacups. And a Christmas tree. I am ready to put up our out of season tree again. It makes me happy and will give Trouble the cat something to do besides rip down curtains.

I'm avoiding the national news in this newsday Tuesday entry because I'm really aggravated with the attacks on Republicans and/or the Tea Party. We're a two party system but if one party disagrees from the other they're maligned and attacked. I'll put together an entry about it soon but not today... I'm just not up to it.

Time to make a pot of coffee and start getting my game face on for the new week... four days! Woohoo!

Have a great Tuesday, y'all. Love and hugs.


Barbie said...

haha! I do that..wait until a show is over before I watch it..