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My People
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not a Whiny Wednesday because I got it out of my system yesterday....

It's Whiny Wednesday but I don't feel it today. Guess I got it all out of my system yesterday.

I really, very much wanted to crawl back in bed and not face the world yesterday. I didn't.

I went out there with the determination to make a difference to SOMEBODY and ... I can think of at least five people yesterday who validated me in some way.

There were two who said, "you explained things to me in a way that no one else ever has".

There was one who thanked me for remembering him, recognizing him, asking him about specific things that he had talked to me about months ago... that was awesome - that I remembered because I don't always.

I brought in two new clients and have another scheduled to come in before the week is over.

I mean, it's one thing to go to work sick and exhausted and in pain and spend the day going through the motions but not feeling anything at the end of the day except sicker and more exhausted and in more pain. To suck it up and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day - that is a very good thing!

The first of my Christmas shopping arrived... some stocking stuffers for my boys - things I rarely even think about until Thanksgiving and then try to find the resources of time, energy and money to pull it all together at the last minute and I have them more than THREE MONTHS before Christmas. I feel like a Rock Star!

I had a friend who, bless her heart, has a teenage son who ordered a PARROT to be delivered c.o.d. (cash on delivery) and a courier showed up yesterday with the parrot expecting her to give him $350. Made all the random unauthorized purchases of my kids pale in comparison. I mean, a PARROT???

Of course, when I shared the parrot story with Austin he said, "do you think I could order an iguana online?" Geez.

I know she was ready to throttle him but... man... that story cracked me up!

I saw a beaver while I was having lunch. That was unusual.

There was a gas leak a couple hundred yards away from our office and traffic was being turned around right before people got to our office. That was exciting. There was a fireman in full gear, hat and all, directing traffic. And then, I guess the threat level was lowered so a City Employee was directing traffic... in his flipflops.

There's hope for Austin yet.

But then... they were letting one lane of traffic through by the time we left the office so the lane heading to the right (toward Clarkesville) was dead stopped... and the lane heading in the direction I needed to go was free flowing. I took a chance and pulled out even though I didn't have a good line of sight of what was coming and I ALMOST creamed a BMW. Gotta feel like God is on your side after that!

So anyways... the moral of the story is... yesterday was a day worth getting out of bed for... and I imagine today will be too because I'm going to set out with the same mindset: make a difference to SOMEBODY. When you welcome every encounter with another human being with the potential of that encounter being THE encounter that defines your day and validates your efforts... things seem to go better.

Today is Pop's birthday so if you know my daddy, be sure to stop by his facebook page and wish him a Happy Birthday. And if you're not facebook friends with Pop, you can wish him a happy birthday here because he reads my blog most days.

And no, Pop, I haven't forgotten to look for that thing you asked me to look for. I just need Austin's help to get to the place where the thing is and we haven't both been awake and cooperative at the same time. I don't think I have it... but I will look.

Happy Birthday Pop! I love you! You're the best daddy I've ever had!

Y'all have a Wonderful Wednesday and let me know if you're able to make a difference for somebody... because then I will feel like I made a difference for you!


Jim Gant said...

tocusThank you for the birthday wishes and for the kind comment about being the best daddy you ever had ... I think.