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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Newsday Tuesday!

Yesterday I had my follow up visit to the Pain Clinic. I still feel like I junkie when I go there, even though I'm not on what they refer to as "A Narcotics Plan". Nope. No good drugs for me.

Every time I go it's more depressing. The more time that passes without getting better... the more doctors accept it as my new status quo... they don't expect me to get better. I finally figured out yesterday that my follow up visits are to find out when I get worse.

Case in point...I very sheepishly and meekly said, "Is my condition one that would warrant getting a handicapped tag?" and the doc said, "Yeah, that's no problem, we'll give you the form today". I was expecting (hoping for?) him to say, "there's no reason..." or "we can give you a temporary tag"...nope. For me, it's PRINCESS PARKING for LIFE.

The girl in the next exam room was on morphine and oxycotin. It could be worse, right?

I can at least fake it  function most of the work day.

Good news - my cousin Rik's stepson is getting better.
My niece Tiffany is pregnant with her second baby.
Austin worked really hard on organizing his room this weekend. It still looks like chaos to me but at least we're making progress.
The weather has been damp and cool.
Our power went out yesterday morning at 6:30-ish. Fortunately, Pyro-Austin knew where the candles and lighters were. I dressed and put on makeup by candlelight. I had only straightened one side of my hair but it was so humid that even the straight side frizzed out like Roseanne Rosanna Danna by the time I got to work.
I had a bit of a dilemma.... I needed to leave for work when it was still black but when it's dark, because we're basically in the woods, it's PITCH black... I didn't want to move the candles close to the door but I needed to see all the way to the door. I went into MacGyver mode and turned on the car headlights to flash on the porch... I brought my laptop into the living room and angled it toward the front door... i got the candles to the nearest solid surface to the living room... blew them out... followed the laptop light to the door... and the headlights to secure the door behind me and find my way to the car.
Maybe we need to invest in a flashlight.

The work day was shorter since I had my Pain Appointment. The drive to Gainesville and back were stressful because it was raining steadily both ways and windy. My little car was slipping and sliding. I got home and Austin was wiped out... he didn't sleep well Sunday night. He had a bowl of tomato soup and toast and went to sleep at 6pm. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate and went to sleep... a little later than usual, I crashed at around 9pm.

I'm highly aggravated with the Food Service people at the school. Austin gets reduced lunch- always has since we've been here but we have to reapply every year in September. I've been trying to get his renewal application into the hands of the Food Service director for a month. I've left messages. I've emailed. I've faxed her. No response. They gave him reduced lunch until the last week of September but since then, he's been paying full price which I really can't afford. I've been trying to make sure he has enough cash but money is just really tight right now. I've been working to pay down some debt, partly because it was court ordered and I HAVE to and partly because I need to get these medical bills paid down. So I just don't have cash flow to the extent to pay full price for his breakfast and lunches. Apparently he had charged once before so yesterday... at lunch...he didn't have any money... and they wouldn't let him charge. He just had to go without lunch. THAT HACKED ME OFF! If that woman in charge had called me back at my first phone call on September 21st... he would have a surplus in his lunch account, not having to go hungry. I've talked to the lady who handles Austin's case through Special Ed and today... I'm going over everybody's heads, even if that means I have to go down to the Superintendant's office. Don't make my child go hungry!

Anyways... that's the news from the nest for today... hope you have a Terrific Tuesday! Love and hugs!