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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, October 24, 2011

Reasons to Love/Like/Tolerate Monday - it's just a pain in the rear. Literally.

I'm a real grouch this morning because it's Monday and I'm in a world of pain... more extensive and increased pain than my usual. Not happy. I'm aggravated that I have a doctors appointment today that will undoubtedly cause increased pain... and I'm worried that the time involved in the appointment... or the pain involved in the appointment... will make it difficult for me to go back to work for the rest of the day. We have a new employee starting today... another one... and the one we brought in a month ago isn't trained to the extent that she can function independently... so if I can't get to the doctor and back quickly, I'm going to really leave a heavy burden on my co-workers... and if I can't get back at all... I'm just a big old loser. BUT... I've got to get to the doctor because my situation is definitely getting worse by the day... add that to the back pain and I am one miserable old grouch today. There is no way I can wait another week until my other co-worker returns from vacation.

Sometimes you just have to call on the HeeHaw folks to explain it best...

Still... a new day is dawning and I have to adjust my attitude before I head out into the world... so here we go:
My Reasons to Love Like Tolerate Monday

1. I have health insurance to pay for my doctor visit today
2. I have a doctor visit scheduled for today. I wanted to go last week but... here we are.
3. Austin seems to be getting over his sinus/coughing/sick to his stomach malady.
4. Trouble the Cat has this sitting position that he loves... I call it the "reverse parrot"... he sits on my shoulder with his rear in my face... leaning over the back of the chair, looking at the wall. It's bizarre and it cracks me up.
5. Trouble likes to have his chest and belly rubbed so much that if you start, he will hold your hand there. He and Austin have this game where Austin tickles Trouble and then all of a sudden pulls his hands wide (think Jazz Hands) and says, "boo!" and Trouble always holds his paws wide at exactly the same time mirroring what Austin does. I'll try to capture a video of it. It's awesome. Always cracks me up.
6. I had steel cut oats and bulgur wheat for breakfast... a little brown sugar... a little cinnamon... a little butter... a lot left over. That's a good breakfast.
7. Trouble the Cat when being moved from a position that he doesn't belong in (my chest, my chair, my pillow, the countertops) goes completely limp. It's like he's been trained by government dissidents. It cracks me up.
8. Trouble also has a certain path for entering / exiting my room. He avoids the spot right beside the door... when he's entering the room he climbs up on the tv cabinet right inside the door... goes over the satellite receiver and jumps to the bed... it's like a game of Parkour. If that's how you spell it. When he leaves, he uses the ottoman beside my chair as his springboard and tries to jump from there to the hallway. It's a distance of about 8 feet so it's no small feat... and it propels him so fast that he hits the linoleum floor in the kitchen and sliiiiiiides. HUh-larious! Sometimes when he's doing happy streaks he'll jump from the hallway to the ottoman but his momentum causes him to slide across the ottoman. He uses my recliner to catch himself. Not pretty if my arm is on the armrest. Anyways.
9. Yeah. That's about all I've got today. Crazy cat lady with hemorrhoids. There. I said it. I'm having a unbelievably painful episode of the rrhoids... and not roids in that cool athlete enhanced performance kind of way... rrhoids in that bleeding, raw,  make you scream in pain kind of way... at least mine make me do that. Add that to piriformis syndrome on both sides where I have a nerve running from my back to the backs of my knees that is flared up and horribly painful. It's literally a pain in the butt.
10. Tim Tebow. He's just awesome.

Time to shower and glam for the office/doctor/office. Love and hugs, y'all.