My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our colorful world...

It's a happy Saturday day here in Sautee, Georgia. I'm able to medicate enough on the weekend that the pain isn't as bad. We're blessed to live in a place where you can get a good view of the fall colors. I love living in the mountains.

Right outside  our front door... 

driving to Cleveland...   

Resurrection Episcopal Preschool Incorporated (that's what Jamie called the little Episcopal church where she went for preschool. How beautiful is that?

Swiss Colony... it's a little subdivision near us... Austin asked, "do you have to be Swiss to live there?" I said, "no, but you have to be neutral". Get it? Swiss? Neutral? We thought it was funny.

Driving on Helen Highway toward Cleveland. Not a perfect shot (since I was driving) but you can get an idea of how vivid the colors are right now. Simply gorgeous!

More color while driving. Don't worry. It was early and there were hardly any other cars on the road. Tourists sleep late, apparently.

The little Catholic church in Cleveland. They apparently have almost sold all of their pumpkins this year. 

Jamie Gant thinks this is THE PRETTIEST church. By the way, Jamie Gant (and her sister and daddy) stopped by my office yesterday afternoon and she danced to the Monster Mash for me. She's a sassy little dancer!

*sigh* I wish I was a better photographer but you get the idea... 

This is the road up to our little nest. There's a mountain in the distance... 

See that mountain over there? One of these days, I'm gonna climb that there mountain...
(can you name that tune?)

Our poor old Stubby the three legged wondercat... he likes to perch in the living room window and watch the squirrels and the "goggies" and the bears and Boomer the cat and Crybaby the cat... he lords over this perch like he owns it.

"what? why are you taking my picture?"

Looks a little smarmy there, doesn't he? He appreciates the flea collar.

Our front yard/back yard driveway, whatever you want to call it... it's just woods out there. Beautiful, peaceful, colorful woods.

And since I showed you Stubby's perch, I have to show you Trouble's happy spot. Little narrow table I bought from the neighbors before they moved to Columbia... covered in a comfy comforter and a sheet that matches my bedding.
Although he would much rather lay across my chest and in between me and whatever I'm trying to do.
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