My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesdays Troubles give way to Whiny Wednesday

The leaves on the trees are gorgeous here now. I made an early morning grocery store run and the mist on the mountains... the rising sun reflecting off of it... showing the reds and yellows and deep orange among the pines... it's nothing to complain about, this view I have of the world.

My kid is sick. Coughing, fever, stuffy head... pretty much everything listed on the nyquil bottle plus everything listed on a pepto bismol bottle. He's really miserable. I was up a good portion of the night offering moral support... we both dozed on and off in between. He spent part of the night in his bathroom... which is enough to make anybody sick.

So I ran to the grocery store early this morning and stocked up on gatorade, juices, fruit, Popsicles, soups... thank God the child support came in so I could afford this. I'm hoping to get him in to see a doctor although I suspect that might be difficult to do in the time span I can allot for it today. I need to get into the office by the time the lunches start. We have two new girls who aren't fully trained and appointed so although there are  more warm bodies there is still a shortage of folks who are able to fully and completely take care of our clients. I've got to make it in. PLUS... I need the hours.

I'm wiped out, though. I've got muscle spasms grabbing every inch of muscle on the back half of my body. I'm sore throaty-coughy-flu-ey feeling myself but I'm not going down without a fight. I haven't got time for the pain. I'm giving myself a little juice boost today too.

Yes, friends... it's Whiny Wednesday.

My heart is heavy this morning for a fellow single mommy who is really being put through the ringer right now... facing financial drought... being pushed around by an ex-husband who is abusive at best, psychotic at worst... and on top of that has a bit of a medical crisis going on as well. God knows her name, I just ask that you lift her and her circumstances up in prayer.

Everything gets so greatly exacerbated when you're a single parent. Every little aberration can be a major crisis when you're on your own. You can't be sick. You can't miss work. You have to be there for your kids because you're the only one. It's not for the faint of heart, this single parenting thing.

BUT... nevertheless... you get to sop up all the good stuff with your kids. You don't miss out on the things that non-custodial parents miss. You become stronger. You learn to depend on a higher power and have a greater opportunity to witness blessings that people who have it "easy" never have a need for.

Gosh I'm tired. I'll be ok. Austin will too. It's just a matter of going through.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.