My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, October 17, 2011

Reasons to love Monday... zzzzzzzzzzz

I slept until 5:54 this morning which is about two hours longer than I usually sleep. My alarm cat woke me up in his usual way... putting his paws on my eyes to try to make them open. It worked. I feed them while my coffee is brewing so his welfare check on me is not really unselfish on his part... he wants his num nums.

Intense pain this morning on my lower back/tailbone. I think I'm going to have to take a pillow to work with me. My chair at work is good... comfy... but... even still, I think a little extra lumbar support would help.

I posted pictures from Sarabeth's party yesterday... I kept getting an error message saying that the file was corrupt or the file was full and nonsense like that. I just kept uploading a few pictures at a time... it was time consuming but it worked. There's an album with captions on facebook. I think my facebook is public so that even if you're not a friend you can see the pictures... I'll post pictures here soon...

Sleeping "late" has me all in a tizzy! Have to be at work early this morning for the staff meeting... no time to play! I went to sleep slightly before 9 last night so it's not like I stayed up "late"... but I hadn't slept well Saturday night so I guess I was extra tired.

Ok... let's get this week underway... and although I'm draggy and in a bit of pain... there are still Reasons to Love Monday:

1. Austin worked hard helping me clean house on Saturday... we got an SOS from Jim that mom, dad and grandma were on the way to my house so it was "all hands on deck"... and he really stepped it up to help me.

2. Cooler temps... beautiful fall colors... people come up here on the weekend, "Leafers" we call them, to see the beauty that I get to see every day. I don't take that for granted.

3. My Uncle Bill sent me some more genealogical info with family stories. I'm working on putting these together into a book. I love this kind of information. Our roots are deep in this country and although, the deeper I dig, the more I realize that I'm only about 1/4 Southern Belle when you go back a few generations... that's Belle enough for me!

3.  I just made a second third point. I don't know what my problem is... apparently I'm only about half awake... sleeping late... that's a reason to love Monday, right?

4. We ate so good yesterday! We were definitely living off the bounty of the pantry and I was proud that we could put together good stuff for cheap. I'm going to keep building the pantry bounty, work on that more than on treats and junk we don't need. I'm told that this area gets stuck whenever there's winter weather. I need to have enough staples that we can survive bad weather or lack of funds. Anyways... yesterday it was yellow rice, which Austin loves... and it's incredibly easy to cook in the rice cooker (again, I love my rice cooker! best gift ever!) we were supposed to have tilapia with it but I forgot to cook it and we decided the rice by itself was perfect. We had beef tips and gravy with potatoes cooked in the crockpot. Also yummy. We had a cherry cobbler for dessert.

5. I had a great weekend... which helps lead to a great week... I'm starting my day well rested, energized and enthusiastic. Attitude is everything.

6. It's PAYDAY! It's gonna be rough stretching through to November 1st, fifteen days away, so I'm going to change my phone plan from the unlimited talk, text to just text capability. I pay an extra $40 to talk and I never use it for that. I'll put a few extra dollars on it in case of emergency but that's one very easy way to save money. I'm on a pay as you go plan so I can change it at will. Good times.

A few pictures from the weekend... y'all have a great Monday! Love and hugs!

my kitty cat... tucked in... he can't decide if he's a person or a dog... 

jamie has birthday fatigue... 

my sweet NINE year old Sarabeth

Amused at her card...

Austin and Hannah - not really cousins but... cousins....

Sarabeth with Mawmaw and Pop