My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, October 2, 2011

the view from The Nest

Exciting news from the Nest this weekend:

I put on green fuzzy socks.
Austin cooked polenta.
I went to the grocery store.
Austin worked for Sue, our landlord, cleaning out a vacated apartment.
I cuddled with Trouble, the cat formerly known as Lexilishus.
Austin got onto me for eating banana pudding.
I tried to adjust my dosage of savella, the medication for the fibromyalgia that makes me throw up.
Austin slept all afternoon yesterday.
I watched football all day.
The Gators lost to Alabama, which was expected.
Arkansas beat Texas A&M which was not expected.
South Carolina lost to Auburn, which was disappointing. I don't like Auburn.
I did a load of laundry.
I loaded the dishwasher.
Austin took out the trash. Or, neglected to take out the trash.
The weather has been cool/mild.
The leaves are just barely beginning to change... just a hint of red in a few places.
I wanted to shop for a Christmas tree to replace my pink one but decided to wait.
I had thai basil rolls for dinner Friday night.
Austin slept through dinner and woke up at 8pm and ate hot pockets.
We found out our neighbors allegedly left with some items that didn't belong to them, such as a laptop he was repairing.
We found out that they left most of their furniture and a huge mess in the apartment.
I realized on Friday that Barack Obama has used the alias Barry Soetero at some points in his life.
And described his religion as Islam.
I wonder... did we elect someone who truly does hate America? 
I don't know much about politics... and I'm not sure there's anyone in the race right now that is the total package.
But I hope in 2012 we elect someone who is a God fearing Patriot. 
That's all. 
I watched a fascinating documentary about abortion this morning on the Catholic channel.
It was, of course, pro-life, as am I. 
It was heartbreaking to hear some of the stories of botched abortions. 
I thought abortion was legalized to keep these kind of dirty, back alley, unsafe abortions from happening.
Yet... they still happen.
I truly grieve for the lives that have been lost, the lives that have been changed, the perspective that it's ok to end a life.
Sometimes I just don't understand the logic of this world.
But my Nest... ahhh... it's a beautiful, semi-clean, comfy, cozy, place... with fresh clean mountain air - chilly mountain air - blowing through the open windows. 
I'm glad I went ahead and got the penicillin shot on Wednesday. I do feel better. 
Sometimes it's hard to tell... I hurt a lot of the time. Most of the time. All of the time. So when I get sick and have discomfort in my body, like I did in my ears and head and throat... you can't help but think it's just part and parcel of the other pain... not necessarily infection.
This time it was infection.
Ivan, my cousin Rik's stepson, is recovering, to God be all the Glory. 
I didn't say this to his mother, Vanessa, but I did think it and pray it: she married a Pennington. And although we are an odd bunch, to some degree, there is a definite anointing on this family that carries forth through the generations. A strength that defies explanation. I believe that strength will carry Ivan back to good health. 
A lot of us pray. And I believe my grandparents watch over us.
Of course, I would say the same thing about my paternal lineage as well. 
I come from very strong, deeply faithful roots. I'm proud of that. I see that in my children. I see that in my cousins. I see it in my nieces and nephews... on both sides.
God is for us, I'm certain of it.
Are you still reading?
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are feeling as blessed as I am, here in my Nest.