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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not much news-day Tuesday

It's newsday Tuesday and I'm suffering from writers block.
I'm highly aggravated at Obama but I don't feel like going out on that tangent today.
So I'll just give you some random details.
Watching Fox and Friends... waiting for Austin to leave for the bus stop.
It's chilly - 52 degrees this morning.
I know. That's not really cold. But it's chilly.
We're going down toward freezing this week. Guess we'll have to turn on the heat here in the new nest.
I've loved not having to use a/c or heat for the past month or so.
I dread closing my windows. I love the fresh mountain air coming through the windows.
The kitties will hate not being able to press against the screens.
Don't worry... they won't fall out.
But I did close the windows when Purple Oscar was here on Saturday. He was so upset that mawmaw and pop left him here that I think he would have chewed through the screen if he was given the opportunity.
His real name is Oscar. Marquee calls him Purple Oscar because of some... behavior he exhibited.
You know, like I have Purple Michael.
Have to run by the tag office on my way to work this morning to pick up my handicapped tag.
Yay for Princess Parking.
Boo for having a jacked up spine.
I love that I can say to the cat, "where's your boy?" and he'll look toward Austin's room.
I used to do the same thing with Cody's cat, Tommy. I would say, "go wake up your boy" and he would.
Animals are amazing.
Of all the men I've known, I like my cat the best.
Baby Lisa's mama was drunk the night she disappeared. Major Foul in my book. Mommies must be always alert and watchful.
At least until a kid is old enough to refill your wine glass for you.
I'm kidding.
I hate the commercials on "The Villages... Florida's friendliest home town"... just tired of them.
Also tired of commercial for walk in baths and bad drugs.
Have to go by the pharmacy this morning while I'm in town. Have five prescriptions to pick up. Ugh.
Last night for dinner we had baked tilapia.
It drives Austin crazy when I say, "have a good day"... he grunts.
My cousin's stepson went home from the hospital last week. He's doing very well.
My Aunt Ginger is in Rome for the next month. Italy, not Georgia.
One little known fact about Purple Michael: he doesn't have to wear deodorant. He doesn't stink.
This is relevant only because I ran out of deodorant three days ago and ... I don't think I smell that bad.
I mean, I'm buying more today when I stop by to pick up the meds but I wonder how much money I could save if I could do without.
Don't worry, I won't.
Aren't you glad you took the time to read this blog today?
I think it's bizarre that the new Martin Luther King memorial is white.
And angry looking.
And that we used a chinese sculptor.
Just odd.
Ok. That's enough for now.
Have a great Tuesday, y'all.


Sherry said...

Sounds like your good stuff out weighs the bad for todays list, hoping your pain stays under control until your home in your nest tonight, it's a good day here today just to stay home and relax, wishful thinking..... lolol

barbara said...

:) Loved all your random comments.