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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the inevitable Whiny Wednesday post

Shorthanded again. It’s not been too busy so far today, although I’ve quoted two households already. Getting more opportunity since there are fewer people here. None of that has translated into any extra cha-ching yet – but it could. Theresa is still sick with whatever she has (flu-ish symptoms) and Kevin’s very pregnant wife is still sick with a cough that won’t go away (sound familiar?) and they’ve spent another night in the ER trying to get things under control. I definitely understand why they can’t be here… life happens, despite our greatest intentions. I have certainly missed more than my share of work due to random uncontrollable things. Regrettably.

It’s still a short day for me, though, just like any normal Wednesday. D and I chatted about it and he feels like the remaining staff can make it without me for an hour and a half. So I’m outta here at 4 and can still go to church as usual. Or as usually intended. This means I’ll probably either not take lunch or take a short lunch – both of which are fine with me. I have a lean cuisine in the freezer so I won’t starve. Breakfast this morning was most of a pimento cheese sandwich while driving to work.

Monday morning it was 32 degrees as I drove through Cleveland. Yesterday morning it was 33 degrees. This morning it was 37 – warming trend? We’re expecting temps between the 40’s and 70’s for the next few days. Rain on Friday. Weather wise, not much to complain about. It’s that time of year that I can save a bit on power bills. Hopefully.

Of course, I always think that people discuss the weather when they have nothing else to talk about. Surely there’s something more?

Whiny Wednesday complaints: I’m almost out of coffee and will need to make a stop for some, although I really don’t want to go shopping. My right shoulder is bothering me. Not sure what I did but it may be partly from the earthquake of my victory jump during the Florida game on Friday night. Gravity, as I mentioned previously, is not my friend. Gravity sucks. My left heel is also kinda sore. I drank too much coffee this morning (maybe the reason we’re almost out?) and I’ve gone to the bathroom thirty dozen times this morning. (I exaggerate, of course). My hair ended up in a weird place between straight and fluffy today. It’s still cute… just different. I caught a glimpse of my reflection and thought I looked like Meredith from The Office. I still have a little bit of a lingering sinus headache. Not enough to shut me down… just enough to be a bit of an aggravation. I’m still congested but not enough that I sound funny… just enough that I want to do a check for low hangers before I meet with anyone. Having a perky, turned up nose means folks can see clear to your brain.

So how’s the weather where you are? Hope you have a great day… love and hugs!


Tawnya said...

I am in Michigan and it is close to 70 today. Still rather nice, but I love the cooler fall like weather. I am from Florida and have had enough of hot to last me a lifetime! So glad you got to still leave early today!!

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