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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

quick update

Just a quick post before time to start work...

Austin and Devin discovered my blog. Joy. Austin said he definitely will hold a fundraiser to come up with the funds it would take to legally change my last name after the divorce instead of during the divorce proceedings. As I mentioned previously, the only way I can do it during the divorce is to appear in Duval County court. Can't afford (financially and emotionally) a trip to Jacksonville right now.

I was a busy bee this morning and ran all my normally lunch time errands before work so I can spend my lunchtime in bible study. I'm hungry. I just need to immerse myself in the Word. I'm tired, I'm discouraged, I feel myself slipping back into that world of "walking in mud" and the only antidote I know is the power of God. So that's what I'm doing.

The Racetrack gas station has a decent Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's not Starbucks but it's only 1.19.

I'm having an apple and oatmeal for breakfast. Trying to eat right. And ignore the candy all around me.

Austin is going home with his girlfriend after school - riding her bus. And I'll pick him up when I get off work. The directions were typical for this area, "go to the end of the paved road" and "you'll see a fence with birdhouses on it" and "you go like you're going into Mountain Lakes subdivision but you don't". My goal is to get there before dark. Don't want to be lost in the mountains after dark. Without a cellphone.

My cellphone is out of minutes and I can't buy more until payday. It's not a huge deal. I rarely use it. But it is sort of a safety net.

Time to get started here.... prayers appreciated! Love and hugs!


Tawnya said...

We should put a paypal button on your blog and take name change donations. I know about the issues of divorce, only I had to face my abusive ex in court face to face. I was scared out of my mind... You are so strong...

stasha said...

I will pray for youuuuuu!!!!! you need to come to church please! =] Love you aunt heather!