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My People
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lunchtime update

The H1N1 hysteria feels like Y2K all over again. “The sky is falling!”

An insurance tip – most companies will give youthful drivers the “over 25” rate if they have a child.

The big rivalry game between Georgia and Florida is this weekend. They used to call it “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party”. After several alcohol related deaths, they’ve tried to dial down the party aspect of it. It’s still a huge party. My “girl on the scene” Whitney will be there. She and her fellow alum are driving a school bus and a uHaul with living room furniture for their tailgate party. Sounds like a really good time! Other than the day after…

It’s hard living in Bulldog country and being a Gator fan – but yesterday, quite by accident, I discovered that our auto underwriter at the State Farm Regional office in Duluth, GA is a HUGE Gator fan! We professed our cougar crushes on Tim Tebow and admitted that we have a hard time watching the game around people who are not Gator fans. People either love Timmy or hate him. There’s no in between.

Down three people in the office again today. Glad we’re overstaffed so that when we’re at half-staff we can still keep the office going. @@ And we have two people who are always cold so they have to run the heat on max… while my sinuses become painfully dry. (sorry for the whine – this isn’t supposed to be an early whiny Wednesday post)

I left early yesterday. I was having one of those days where I just felt emotionally overwhelmed. I’d call it PMS if that whole process still worked for me. I just was feeling disconnected (as I described before, walking in mud) and then a co-worker got mad at me… and she spent the rest of the afternoon whispering with everyone else about me… and I just couldn’t deal. It was too much. It’s sort of like that old “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” but in my case it’s, “don’t hate me because I’m better at this job than you are”.

Taking a business insurance class… zzzzzzz. Actually we have made some upgrades to our quoting system which makes it WAY more easier than it has been. What cracks me up, though, is that they play old television theme music prior to the class… and in this particular class they gave us 5 minutes to work up a quote on a condominium association… and while we were deep in thought trying to use this new system with a bunch of data… they played the PeeWee’s Playhouse them. Not conducive to concentration! Totally cracked me up!

I’m having a bad hair day. It’s not my fault, it’s raining.

That’s all for now. Love and hugs.


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