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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, October 29, 2009

thankful thursday

Living paycheck to paycheck takes a toll on you… I try to keep it all under control, make sure I’m keeping all the balls in the air… stick to a budget, not waste money… but it does get tight there at the end of the pay period. We got an email today that payday was going to be change from the last day of the month to the first day of the month. I had a mini-panic. I mean, God has always provided. I trust Him to provide no matter what the circumstances are… but I did let D know that this would be a hardship on me as I truly DO live paycheck to paycheck. Moving payday from Friday to Monday? Are you kidding? He agreed to let the new pay schedule begin with the next payday. *whew*

Of course, that means that I’ve got to stretch this paycheck a little further and I’m already in the hole. *sigh* It all works out. Less of a cushion, less ability to rely on money… more necessity to rely on God. So this is definitely Thankful Thursday!

We started a new bible study course last night - The Power of A Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian… I’m excited about it! it was a good class… our dear leader is recovered from back surgery and was back with us. It was back to “Hen Party” as usual and I needed that. I love my girls! Afterwards we had “trunk or treat” in the parking lot. If you’ve never done one of these – it’s like tailgating with trick or treat candy – people decorate the back of their vehicle and give out candy as the kids walk around. I loved it! Speed trick-or-treating! I got some great pictures… posted on my facebook… will put a few up here soon. Sarabeth was a bee and Jamie was a ladybug… soooo cute!

Highlight of the evening – Jamie stuck her face into her basket and said, “MMMMM! I love the smell of chocolate!” She’s definitely MY niece!

I’ve figured out (I think) what’s hurting my shoulder… I keep catching myself slouching at my desk, leaning on my right elbow… so I’m working at sitting up straight, which will also help tighten my core muscles, something I’m determined to do. Really. I am.

Austin and the new girl are already broken up. That was a fast one. She said he’s “not what she’s looking for”. Hmmm. Not sure how to take that…. But then again, if she’s a girl who’s outdoorsy and sporty – Austin is the polar opposite of that.

A customer who has been a pain in everyone’s tukas decided that I was “his girl” and now he will only deal with me. He called just now to make a payment and didn’t identify himself – assuming I would recognize his voice. I didn’t. But when he said he owed a $12 balance on his boat policy, I knew who it was. Crazy. I was able to confirm that it was him by reminding him that a car he owned was coming due for payment in a few weeks. Never once did he say his name. To me, that’s the epitomy of narcissism. Glad I was able to be quick on my feet… he was happy. Happy clients mean easier life for me.

It’s Thankful Thursday so I’m gonna make a stab at it…
1. Cute kids in cute costumes
2. Kind adults willing to distribute candy.
3. Facebook – my social networking addiction
4. Superpoke Pets- my gaming addiction
5. Cool weather
6. Gorgeous leaves… the mountains look like a patchwork quilt!
7. Football! Go Gators!
8. Comments on my blog (hint, hint)
9. The Power of a Praying Woman – both the book and the reality
10. Health insurance.

Have a great Thursday, y’all!


Tawnya said...

Sounds like that at least somethings are looking up. I am so glad for you! We live paycheck to paycheck here too.. So I understand what you are saying!

LYN said...