My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Whiny Wednesday preview, I promise

Man plans and God laughs, right?

Both Kevin and Theresa ended up leaving today so I stayed. Duane is golfing today... so it's been just me, Ginger and Shirley (who is back from a two week vacation) today. It's been quiet. Not stressful at all. Unfortunately, I was mentally prepared for a short day so I have been less productive than normal. Fortunately, though, I've been able to keep the "between the eyes" headache at bay with ibuprofen. I don't FEEL bad. I feel pretty good, actually. But the sun is shining...

Instead of my usual "Whiny Wednesday a day early" post... I've decided to do a list of my favorite things - the office edition...

1. my four lip balms that sit at the base of my computer monitor... carmex, banana boat aloe vera, goats milk and aquafor (which is not a lip balm at all but I use it for that)

2. My three drinks... styrofoam cup of ice water from lunch, cup of (formerly) hot green tea from mid morning and bottle of water that I've been dragging around since this morning.

3. My germ-x. I'm nowhere near as germphobic as my co-workers but I do sanitize after touching cash.

4. My lysol disinfectant spray. Some people stink. I have a lovely office with big bright windows... but when the door is closed and someone has been smoking or working or just particularly "unfresh"... I have to give the room a little burst of disinfectant when they leave.

5. my cool coffee mug from Royal Plus Restoration specialists in Jacksonville. When the liquid inside the cup is hot - flames appear on the side of the mug. I love it!

6. My other coffee mug that is used to store my assorted sharpies, pencils and cheap pens that I hand to clients to use. I have given up on keeping a decent pen in the office because they grow legs and walk away. Instead I have cheap bic pens that nobody wants and I either write in pencil or sharpie. Ha! Beat the system!

7. My letters of encouragement from when I was sick... cards from the folks at church and letters with quarters in them from my blog/facebook friends. I kept the quarters attached. I can get a taco for 89 cents - I know as long as I keep those quarters there, I'll always have lunch money!

8. An envelope that came with cash inside that says on the outside, "Heather, God laid it on my heart to send this to you. Hope it helps you!" I've had the opportunity recently to share my testimony of how God continually provides for me. I shared the story of my quarters and cash that came when I was sick...

9. My 3-hole punch. I keep up with the office bank deposits - every day I have a printout of our deposit that goes into a little notebook.

My long day is almost over... I made it!