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My People
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NOT Whiny Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The week is flying by and I’m sooo looking forward to the weekend. Go Gators!

The sun is shining today. The fog we had earlier has burned off and it’s looking to be a Chamber of Commerce type day.

We had a small shower for the guy in our office whose wife is having a baby. She’s almost 34 weeks… it’s their first baby after several losses and they’re both in their 40’s… quite a miracle baby and all the mother hens here were clucking this morning! Imagine four “mature” women with digital cameras trying to vie for the best camera angle as the new daddy came in.

My job was to paint wooden letters spelling out the baby’s name “Raleigh”. His room will be purple and sage so I did purple letters. In typical Heather fashion, I waited until the last minute to paint them so there was a bit of anxiety last night about getting enough coats of paint and making sure I didn’t miss any spots… but they look good and other than a little purple paint under my nails, I’m no worse for the wear.

As I mentioned yesterday, Austin went home with his new little girlfriend after school yesterday and I was to pick him up after work. I don’t know what I was thinking… I don’t see well after dark and although it wasn’t yet dark… it was raining hard and really grey out. His girlfriend lives in the northern part of the county, in a heavily wooded area. The narrow, dirt road leading to her home is shaded by trees, making it darker than it already was… and I passed a road sign indicating the danger of bears in the area. This was no joke! I could hear the music from Deliverance in the background. Truly, it was a beautiful drive and had it not been pouring rain and growing dark and a completely uncharted path for me, I would have rather enjoyed it. And of course, the added stress of knowing I had the letters to paint when I got home.

Just as I mentioned it clearing off the fog has rolled in around us… it’s still beautiful.

I’m having muscle spasms in my right arm… this is the same shoulder that I saw the doctor about last week. It’s not painful but is rather annoying. I have not yet consulted Dr. Google to figure out what it could be. But will in a minute. *later* Dr. Google says I’m gonna live.

Insurance tip of the day: most companies give “multiple line discount”… think of it like shopping at Costco…. If you buy in bulk, the price per unit is cheaper. A lot of my clients are able to get life and auto or renters insurance and auto for the same cost as auto alone would be. Make sure you ask your insurance company if they offer multi-line discounts!

Austin’s girlfriend’s home is lovely… it’s a log cabin – all wood inside – neat and clean with a friendly tabby cat. I didn’t get the grand tour but I went in far enough to see a stuffed boar / razorback / whatever you call it in the living room. I commented to Austin on the way home that it looked like her dad is a hunter. He is… but Austin said that the boar was killed by the girlfriend… with a bow and arrow.




Yeah. I had to pause a little bit on that one too. “Son, are you sure you want to date a girl who is that accurate with a deadly weapon?”

At any rate… been a busy day and it’s half over… then church tonight. Yes, Stasha, I am DEFINITELY planning on being at church tonight. Hope you all have a Wonderful, not a whiny Wednesday. Love and hugs.


stasha said...

yay! I'm soooo glad you were at church tonight! it made my day! like for real! =]

LYN said...


Anonymous said...

Natalie is accurate with a deadly weapon, too ~ it's what you raise country girls to do!