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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

There is trick-or-treat candy throughout the office. I am trying to be strong but Mary Jane is calling my name. And butter rum toffee caramel.

I’ve been working on auto, life and health insurance for one of Ryan’s friends. I’ve been so busy that time is flying by! Looks like it’s going to be a good deal for both of us.

Yesterday my shoulder was KILLING me! It is better today. I still wonder if I should call the doctor to have her look at it but honestly… ibuprofen works pretty well and there’s no bruising or swelling or anything dramatic. I think I’ll give it another 24 hours before I do anything.

We found a baby snake on the carport last night. I’ve never seen such a tiny, perfectly formed snake. It still freaked me out. It freaks me out more knowing that wherever there’s a baby, there’s gotta be a mama snake. I literally FLEW the five feet from my carport door to the car this morning and then had a panic attack thinking that maybe the snakes were in my car. Paranoid, maybe but… *shudder*

We’re fully staffed today. Had one come in late due to “physical therapy”. She was going to physical therapy and they promoted her to a regular gym to do exercises on her own. But for some reason, she still has to “schedule appointments” during office hours. I’m skeptical. But… that’s her deal. There have been thirty-eleven times that I’ve sucked it up and stayed here when I felt horrible because I didn’t want to leave an unfair burden on my co-workers. And thirty-d0zen times that I just couldn’t hang. Who am I to judge?

Kevin’s wife is still in the hospital, still pregnant and doing some better. She’s almost 33 weeks. They’re getting close. Theresa is over her cough/cold thing. Me… I’m still congested. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Austin has invited Devin over to the spend the night tomorrow night. I keep telling him that they need to take a turn but they don’t and Austin wants to spend time with Devin, so I suck it up and deal. I don’t know how it is that our Devin weekends always coincide with me being broke and having to work on Saturday. This means that I’ll be grumpy on Saturday afternoon. Austin thinks it’s totally fair since Devin’s mother is a full time college student and his dad works Saturdays that me – single working mother – should always play host to their noisy spend the night parties. Why do I have to be the Koolaid house?

I spoke with someone from the Duval County Family Court today and she indicated that it looks like all of our paperwork is done. She has to get the complete file – which takes about a week – and then they’ll set a date for the hearing. I do NOT have to be present for the hearing (praise God!) unless I decide that I want to use this opportunity to change my name. Frankly, it’s cheaper and easier just to pay the $50 it would cost here in Georgia (I think) to do the name change – if I decide to do that. My kids all definitely want my name changed and honestly, I’ve almost decided to do that. The website shows that Michael’s brother Tim provided an affidavit of some sort – that’s why I called. I wanted to know what was being said about me. According to the court, it was just to prove Michael’s residency for the six months preceding the divorce. (which is not really true – as I could easily show him living in Miami and Phoenix based on the phone records and credit card bills that have come to my house- but I won’t! I want it over!) I was afraid it was something to the effect of testifying about our marriage… which would greatly hurt me, if Tim was doing that. Tim is a man’s man – a total chauvinist – but I liked him and I truly believe that he liked me and appreciated the role I played in their family. Many times Tim was the only one who I felt (other than Stephen) who really understood how hard it was for me to live with Michael.

I talked to the nurse at my doctors office. She thinks I have tendinitis and suggested that I go ahead and come in today. I figure… everyone else is here today and who knows who’ll be here tomorrow… so I better make hay while the sun shines. Gonna wrap things up so I can leave at two. Good times. So… happy Thursday, y’all! Love and hugs!


mawmaw said...

You probably get the fear of snakes from me, If I see a snake somewhere I will avoid that place like the plague!!