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My People
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Friday

For a girl like me who still believes in fairy tales... this has been the perfect way to start my birthday.

I'm 43 today... and not ashamed to admit it. I don't quite understand the whole thing of women hiding their ages... every added year makes me more confident and comfortable with who I am. I look to my Steel Magnolias - my grandmother and her sister Bette - who, although in their 80's - are still poised and beautiful and very much enjoying a lasting quality of life. I think the key to a happy life is embracing every stage for the rewards it brings. If the reflection in the mirror changes, it's just proof of the wonderful things that have been added to my life along the way.

I have truly been giddy at watching the Royal Wedding. The pomp and circumstance... the pageantry... the attention to details... the romance... it's all simply delightful. I set my alarm for 4am but was actually awake slightly before then. Since I'm off work today if I need a little nap, I'll be able to take one but I doubt it will be necessary.

My big birthday plans are to go down to the tag office and settle up my tag renewal... I have an appointment with the Pain Clinic early this afternoon and will probably run a few errands while I'm down in "civilization". I'm having dinner with the Gant Girls this evening... and in between I'll just do my best to enjoy the day. I'm heading out for a breakfast treat of bacon biscuit and gravy in just a few minutes (want to wait until the school traffic dies down).

Here are my random observations of the wedding:
I love the hats. Love them. I so wish that I had the occasion to wear hats more often. Perhaps now that I'm getting older I'll make that my signature... hats.
I wondered about the folks who arrived an hour or more before the ceremony... with an hour long ceremony weren't their bladders just bursting by the end of the service? Especially pregnant Posh Spice...
I cried a little bit when I saw William and Harry together riding to the church... it reminded me of my two oldest boys... and made me a little sad that Diana couldn't be there.
I love how confident Kate is... she did her own makeup. Personally... I thought the blush was a little heavy but I'll bet you that starts a new trend toward heavier blush.
I loved her sister Pippa's dress. I think it's a cool trend having the maid of honor in white.
I wish they had married before William lost so much hair. I'm just sayin'...
Was it just me or did those carriages seem to bounce around quite a bit?
How adorable were the little bridesmaids and pages?
I had a hard time deciding which broadcast to watch since just about every channel short of ESPN was showing the wedding. I flipped around quite a bit. CNN did a lot of popups which helped.
If Queen Elizabeth lives to the same age her mother did... she'll be Queen for another 16 years... which puts Charles at 78 before he starts his reign... which means, theoretically, Prince William could be King in about 25 years or so... not that I want to kill off the royals or anything but I hope that I'm around to see William's coronation... and I pray that he and Kate are still as in love and sweet together as they were today.
It's pretty amazing if you think about it... how well Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth conduct themselves considering their advanced ages.
I noticed that QE wasn't singing along when they sang "God Save the Queen". I guess it would be weird to sing that about yourself.
I'm going to stay put until we see the appearance on the balcony ... and then I'll head out for my errands.
I'm drinking "English Toffee Almond" coffee creamer in my coffee today.
I wish there was somewhere nearby where I could go out for a proper British tea today. The little tea place in Clarkesville has closed down.
Anyone want to place a bet on how long it is before they announce a Royal pregnancy?

Anyways... I'm so glad that I took the day off. Birthdays SHOULD be indulgent...
Hope you all have a fabulous, fairy tale kind of day! love and hugs!


monique said...

Happy Birthday!

Sweetnessk71 said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday and I pray you have a restufull and painless weekend..take care