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My People
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

where did the last 48 hours go?

I haven't written a substantive blog entry all weekend. It's been that kind of weekend. Unless you wanted me to recap the chick flicks I've watched ... and the golf I've watched... and the news I've watched... and the ridiculous hours I've wasted mastering my top three favorite zynga games... there's not much to share.

Sidebar, exihibit A... I love the fact that grown men are moved to tears in the face of great athletic accomplishment, such as this Charl Schwartzel who just won the Masters. What an awesome tradition we have here in Georgia with the Masters. I also really loved the TPC Sawgrass... you have to respect these great traditions in sports. But you already know that I'm a fan of fans. Golf fans are hardcore.

I did some minor grocery shopping on Friday night but Austin was copping a major 'tude so I kept it brief and got necessities only. I'm going to have to find a willing shopping partner who can help me with getting things off shelves that aren't right in my "able to reach without stretching or bending" zone. Subsequently... I only went to the bakery for some stuff (previously listed) and a quick trip to the Dollar General for non-food items. I avoid the stores that require a lot of walking because... well... I'm having a hard time walking.

I spent some quality time watching inspirational videos on and did some in depth study on Israel... not letting my brain turn to mush. Read the Sunday paper out of Gainesville.

Mostly I've just tried to rest my spine. I'm sure I've mentioned before but the back pain changes from day to day... I either have the muscle pain in my low back - sort of like a pulled muscle... or a feeling like my vertebrae are collapsing on each other which is horribly painful... or I have the shooting pains in my rear and legs... or I have a combination of those three things. This weekend I've had mostly combo pain with loss of feeling in my feet. The muscle spasms and the shooting nerve pain never goes away in any position... but if I stay in the recliner in JUST the right position, I avoid the feeling of the collapsing spine. So that's what I've done.

I've got four days to work this week... injections on Friday... will have to lay low next weekend... then finally, next Monday... a trip to the neurosurgeon. Will this be the answer? Will HE fix this? I can't tell you how many times I have wished this had been a kidney stone but I am grateful... yes, grateful... for everything I have learned through these circumstances. Sometimes God makes us uncomfortable in our current circumstances to move us on to another place - not necessarily geographically, sometimes spiritually. And for me, without a doubt, this has been a spiritual awakening for me.

Austin and I had another of those frozen lasagnas from the Country Bake Shoppe for dinner tonight. They charge between $8 and $10 for all their frozen meals... which are basically like what I would make here at home if I had the time and inclination... so I think I'll stop by and pick up a couple of those on Wednesday to stock up for the weekend. Better than microwave frozen food... cheaper than eating out/pizza delivery.... and honestly... the lasagna is cheaper than what it would cost me to make it. Last time i had the injection I lived on things like cereal, chicken salad with crackers and grapes. Things i could grab easily. I've got to plan better.

Anyways... that's what's happening here in Cleveland, GA today... love and hugs, y'all...


monique said...

Hi Heather,
The weekend always fly even when you are feeling well. I can't wait for you to see the neuro. He will point you in the right direction. If he doesn't then I would be shocked.
You can email me anytime with questions or whatever.
I hope you rest well tonight and have a good week ahead.
Take care-