My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, April 3, 2011

something to think about....

All biological things exist for a purpose... depending on your level of experience and education, you may not understand the purpose for some living things... such as snakes or poison ivy... and depending on your level of spirituality, you may not understand the purpose for all human beings, especially those who hurt others.

Nevertheless, regardless of our capacity to comprehend, everything has a purpose.

Do you think that in the fall... as the we enjoy the splendor of the colors of the leaves... do you think the tree is mourning the knowledge that part of it will soon fall off and it will be left bare?

Do you think that the mother bird, who so dutifully sits on her nest, dreads the day when those babies will hatch and fly away?

Does the mother cow resent that we take her calves' milk for our own?
Does the chicken resent how we misappropriate her eggs?
Do the schools of fish grieve their friends who are brought from the ocean depths to be our dinner?
Does the tree resent being formed into our homes and furniture?
And do the rocks who are buried deep underground, never to be seen or appreciated... are they jealous of those mighty high cliffs who reach toward heaven?

We human mothers, as we suffer through labor and birth, is God preparing our hearts with a supernatural love for that which causes us such great pain, knowing that adolescence will provide challenges?

Think about the barriers we build for ourselves... military training (I think) involves conquering obstacle courses for sport... so that soldiers in battle will have the wisdom to face obstacles that could mean the difference between life and death.

Does God prepare us in the same way? Do we have small trials and obstacles so that we grow stronger and wiser and are better able to face the larger obstacles that inevitably come?

If we are His creation, then we are representatives of Him in this world. We have the opportunity to shine a light, provide goodness to others... make the kind of impact that God would want us to make.

Conversely... the enemy has his own representatives here, whose purpose is to wage battle with those who represent goodness. If we believe what God says, everything works together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. So then.. these obstacles that the enemy puts in our path continue to grow us into better, stronger representatives of God in this world.

Also... we can see the representatives of the enemy in our life as a possibility, not an obstacle.

Your life has the potential to change someone's course. How you respond in times of trial will model for those around you either to encourage them or discourage them.

So then... is my response to the limitations of my created form... similar to a fish being frustrated that he can't walk? Or a rock frustrated that it can't talk? Shouldn't I focus on the unique abilities that I have been gifted instead of mourning that which was not meant for me to be?