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My People
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

whatever wednesday

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The early morning local news stations are all lit up with warnings about how bad our weather is going to be this evening. You MUST run out and buy a weather radio, dig a storm cellar, prepare for certain devastation. I mean... it's not like a hurricane... it's a random spring storm and it will hit where it hits... nothing you can do to avoid it. If it's your time... it's your time. I'm not saying run out and become a storm chaser but really... isn't this overdoing it a bit?

I am battling unbelievable fatigue this week. I am literally falling asleep in my nest at 7pm... been asleep super early every night... and just feel so terribly drained. Last week when my regular doctor did blood work my white blood cells were elevated but she felt that was from the steroid shots. I suspect that has something to do with it...

Funny story... back in the early Darby days, we had a Battle Royale over the fact that I don't use an ironing board. I iron on the floor... yep... the floor... sometimes on a towel, sometimes just on the carpet. I've always done it. Consider it lazy, if you will... it's just what I do. I never could figure out why it mattered to him but he was highly perturbed about it... I mean, sleeping in another room, refusing to speak to me, making it out like I had betrayed him in the worst way because I ironed MY OWN CLOTHES on the floor. It was re-donk-u-lous. So... here I am in my own little palace and I have my trusty old iron stationed on the floor near the plug I use for it... and our stray kid who was staying at Heather's Home for Unwed Fathers last weekend says, "why is the iron on the floor?" and I said, "because that's where I iron" and he said... "well no wonder your back hurts"...

Two more days until my birthday and the big celebration over across the pond. I'm so excited!!

My oldest baby is in Washington DC today, I think.

My middle baby and his bride sent me three cards.... Easter, Birthday and Mother's Day... so sweet.

I'm surprised that there's no silver bullet to solve the problem of high gas prices... there's no shortage... there is policy problem where we don't drill and use our own natural resources, even though safe drilling options exist... there is a problem with oil speculators falsely inflating the cost of oil based on fears of unrest in the middle East... there is a reserve that could be released into the market that would increase supply... but again our Campaigner in Chief is distancing himself instead of acting on behalf of our country. Hope. Change. Whatever.

There was a soundbite about how we should invest in alternate energy strategies. Good plan. I'll rush right out and buy an electric car with all that spare cash I have. I don't care WHO runs against him... they could run Donald Trump or Donald Duck... I would vote for them. He doesn't have a clue about how to handle the economy or defense or ... anything!

It's whiny Wednesday but I'm more weary than whiny... maybe I should call it "windy Wednesday" since we're under a wind advisory and the sky, apparently, is falling. Two more days to work this week... meeting with the boss's boss today to learn new sales strategies.... that should be fun. He's a sweet, Christian man so I enjoy him. My sales have been lacking this year but... I mean... I've been out so much... and when I'm working I'm usually in so much pain that it's hard to do anything effectively. But... I'll stick with it and keep doing my best. So I guess we'll call this Windy Whiny Weary Working Wednesday... or something equally corny.

Hope you have a great day... love and hugs.


Unknown said...

Heather, I iron on my bed! I used to iron on the floor, but it's gotten to be too far away! Yes, sometimes my clothes end up with new wrinkles from me sheets, but oh well! In college, I left more than one outline of my iron on more than a few carpets! My rebellious side, I guess. Boy, wasn't I a bad girl?! But seriously, for your back, you might want to at least move the iron up to the bed!

I guess time will tell whether or not the sky falls on us today!

Myra said...

I know people who don't even OWN an THAT is wrong!

mawmaw said...

Fibromyalgia is heredetary sp. Quee is going to make a list of all the things our family has ,for when they have kids.