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My People
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

happy Sunday

It's Sunday and I'm totally relaxing. Typically... just like I've done for most of the weekends since my kidney stone turned degenerative disc/spinal stenosis/unstable spondylolisthesis/osteorarthritis/whatever else they diagnose wrong with my back hit back in January, I'm spending my weekend trying to undo the damage/pain of the work week and/or trying to accomplish the basic needs for the coming week such as food purchases and laundry. It's a vicious cycle... I'll get all comfy cozy in the nest and start feeling ten feet tall and bullet proof and do something like... oh, I don't know... carry a load of laundry to the laundry room like i just did... and I'll remember that I can't really carry a load of laundry any more.

Sometimes I decide that it's all in my head or it's all about attitude and if I just stop thinking there's anything wrong with my back then there won't be anything wrong any more. Name it and claim it... I'm healed. Only... I'm not so much. I'm learning to deal with it... I'm learning my boundaries. I'm learning to make plans with a disclaimer "if I can". I'm learning that there are no guarantees. Definitely I've made progress... right combination of meds... pacing myself... lower expectations... sometimes I totally forget. And then I get up and walk to the other room and the pain shoots from my spine down to my heel and I have to catch my breath.

Anyways. Weekends are a blessing. I treasure them.

My doodle bug has been at a friend's house this weekend. Probably I shouldn't have let him go since his disappearing act last week but ... truth be told... I feel so guilty that I don't feel like doing anything. It was a looooong time ago but I remember being 17 and wanting to run with my buddies. I may not have made some of the poor choices that he has been making... but I made enough of my own... trying to keep a 17 year old boy locked up in the nest with me over the weekend is like trying to keep a wave on the sand.

Ok. The truth is. He was getting on my nerves. I was glad to have a break. Maybe it's not stellar parenting but... there you go.

I have developed a fascination with the Tru Channel. Lots of Cops and Operation Repo and similar exhibitions of the pillars of society. We have a client who owns one of those buy here/pay here car lots. Last week he was telling me about their repo procedure. They have one of those remote cut off deals on their cars. Payment is due on Friday. If they haven't received it by Monday, the car won't start. On Wednesday they go and pick it up. They can find it because they have a tracking device on it. Brilliant! He said he hears all kind of sob stories... and he's willing to work with people but they have to have their priorities straight. He said, "I don't care if I'm not first but I at least need to come after alcohol and cigarettes"... Cracked me up! He said the odd thing is that every woman who comes into his office is a smoker... if they'd just quit smoking, they could make their car payments.

I feel his pain... gosh, I feel it from both sides. Although... booze and cigarettes aren't usually on my shopping list. I did order a new battery and power cord for my computer from amazon yesterday (thanks MOM!). I got both for $46, including shipping. Hope this does the trick. You know how much I love my little laptop!

Stubby the three legged Wondercat has gotten really needy lately. He is constantly following me around and begging for "yubs" or "num nums" also known as affection and food. I just love the way he looks at me with complete adoration.... that cat better live forever because it's going to break my heart when he goes.

I ordered a wall map of the United States from the Sierra Club. It was free. I put it up with the idea of marking the places where my blog readers live. If you're outside the US, I'll put you on the borders. So.. comment or facebook me and let me know your name and where you live. I think it will be a nice way of remembering whose out there...

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Love and hugs!


Darline said...

LOL...when you said you let your son go to a friend's house for the weekend, I was guilt there, I enjoy the peace & quiet when my daughter is gone...then, I read your "guilty confession" --- no guilt, are a great mom who needs some "peace & quiet" from time to time :)

Dutch said...

I am with Darline on the no guilt. I love when my 17 year old daughter goes & stays with friends. We all need that break once in awhile. I am Detje Bea Sorich and I live in a small town called Elwood, Illinois

Red*Hot@52! said...

faithful reader here - Deanna, in Hampton, reading your blogs, you are very inspirational to me. I'm glad to see that your son seems to be "getting it" when it comes to needing to help you.

And don't you feel guilty about needing "me time" without having to worry about him or have him in your hair. I look forward to those times when I can send my son off to family for a few days or even a few weeks at a time, when possible. It's a great time to recharge!

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Glens Fork, KY

No Guilt!!! I love when I have my quiet time :)

Barbara said...

Even though it says I am in Cleveland Ohio when I log on...I am actually in Columbus Ohio and love love love you Ms Heather!

JennBand08 said...
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JennBand08 said...

Jennifer in Greenwich,CT here.