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My People
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Monday, June 27, 2011

it's that time again...

Hello friends. It's Monday again. I'm feeling icky... pretty sure I have a sinus infection and I can feel bronchitis coming on as well. Back pain was unpleasant over the weekend and I had tummy troubles that had me in the shower at 3am yesterday. But we're back here again with a big long week stretched out ahead of us and I'm going to find reasons and ways to embrace it joyfully.

1. great coffee this morning... i love my strong coffee! I buy cafe bustelo and pretty much it's the only coffee that gives me the results I want. good stuff.

2. only five more days on the heart monitor. my skin is raw from those stick on patches. i think we got a lot of good data and I'm anxious to see what the doctor is going to prescribe.

3. i checked my blood pressure Saturday morning at the grocery store and it was 124/83... lowest it's been in awhile.

4. only four more days to get through until payday.... and it should also be child support I could make some progress on getting some bills up to date/paid early. slow and steady...

5. air conditioning. it's been a typical hot, humid Georgia summer so far and it leaves me feeling like a limp noodle.

6. Next weekend is a 3 day weekend! woohoo!

7. despite not feeling well... I'm really enjoying my job and I look forward to going to work. I dread the pain and it inevitably hits. I dread the bouts of tachycardia because they make it hard for me to have the level of energy and enthusiasm throughout a long work day. My dream situation would be able to cut back on my hours... maybe take a half hour lunch... so that I'm back home earlier in the afternoon. D likes us to all have the same schedule so that would like never happen... but it would help.

8. Austin's phone will be activated as soon as I get paid/get child support and he will be over the moon. It's a really nice phone and was super cheap so I might consider changing to the same plan to be able to get that phone. At first, I was embarrassed that we had to go with the month-to-month plan for our phones... but now, honestly, I'm glad we did. We have what we need when I can afford it. There are no late fees or random surprise excesses.

Ok... that's all I could think of at the moment... maybe more later! Hope you all find reasons to love Monday this week...


mawmaw said...

We need to get your kitty to you,do you think Trudy would mind bringing him up that way when she is coming?