My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, June 10, 2011

a little bit more

I touched base with the nurse at my doctors office this morning and she wanted me to go to the ER... I don't want to. She agreed to let me come in for an EKG and let the doctor decide if I need further/additional/more urgent medical care. I'm leaving here in about ten minutes for that appointment.

If I get an "all clear" I need to go in to the office as my co-worker is taking some time off this afternoon, much needed time off, and I don't want to create a burden on my co-workers. We'll be shorthanded all next week as well - again, for much deserved time off and I want to be ten feet tall and bullet proof and able to do all the things that I am obligated to do.

I went and picked up the civil papers... it's from a Capital One credit card I had a $500 balance on when I left Jacksonville.... with fees and interest they want me to pay about 4 times that so I quit dealing with them. I know, stupid. You can't put these guys on "ignore". I have 30 days to make a response to their demands. I will.

The phrase "blood from a turnip" comes to mind.

I'll update facebook when I get a chance. Hopefully I'm going to get an "all clear" ... be told I'm a hypochondriac and head in to work.