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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, June 16, 2011

random hashtag thursday

I'm mentally working on a good post about logic but I'm not ready to post it yet so I'll just give you a peek into my head for this morning's post. You have been warned: this will not be a #literarymasterpiece.

Yesterday was a fairly pleasant day, temperature wise. It stayed in the lower 80s. Right now it's 62 here in "downtown" Cleveland, GA. We had some bad storms again last night but... I slept through them. #weather

I'm keeping the #sleepingschedule of a toddler. Or a morning drive time radio host. I'm asleep before 8pm and awake before 4am. Austin, conversely, is asleep until 8pm and awake until 4am. We're apparently taking shifts.

Austin spent his first ten days of #summervacation hanging out with his married friend Zach. Then Zach got into a fight with his mother and went to jail. Austin spent the next two days moping around the house and becoming a professional gamer. Last night he was hanging out with J.J. and Fat Pat. It's like his friends are all from the 50's according to their nicknames... the 60's according to their drug habits. I'm joking. Mostly.

Austin is keeping Zach's phone and playstation for him so that Zach's mama doesn't sell them while he's in jail. He was convicted before of some anger deal and just got off probation. In a way... although Zach may not be the positive influence I would choose for Austin, at least he's an example to Austin of #consequences for your actions.

Having a lot of #tachycardia this morning... I was wide awake and full of energy at 4am... after an hour of tach I'm ready to crash. It absolutely wears me out.

And sweating... whew... it's ridiculous. I'm not hot so I don't think it's hot flashes. I talked to the nurse at the pain doctor's office yesterday and she confirmed that the medicine that I have doubled is the one with #sweating as a side effect. HOWEVER... since doubling that medication, my pain level is lower. So... we'll see... I don't know which aggravates me more: the pain or feeling like I'm soaked all the time.

I'm ready for some roadside #farmstandtomatoes. And cucumbers. Mmmm. The farm opens this weekend and I'll be there with my basket, ready to drop a little cash.

I have a cute big tote that I bought from 31gifts. Have you seen their stuff? Go to If you go to page 2-3 in the catalog - I got the large utility tote in the black and white polka dots pattern with my name embroidered in hot pink. I love monogrammed stuff.

Vancouver Canucks = #sorelosers

The longer I watch this #CaseyAnthony trial, the more suspicious her dad looks.

Time has slipped away... must dash and glam. Happy Thursday!


mawmaw said...

ng to get squash from our garden, got any good squash recipies that are healthy/ Austin would be very welcome down here, we miss him.

mawmaw said...

My first post got cut off but you get what I am saying!