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My People
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

lets talk about the weather

It's hot.

I'd rather discuss the weather today than politics.
I'm not in the mood/creative enough to come up with a funny Weiner headline... but I heard a great one yesterday. I won't repost because it's... slightly inappropriate.
Yep. It's hot outside.
We'll stick with that.
Massively dizzy yesterday. Room spinning dizzy. The kind of dizzy where you have to be as still as possible and stay as cool as possible to keep from passing out.
But... It's so hot outside. Made me miserable.
Even though our office is sufficiently (excessively) chilled and my lovely nest is a comfy 74 degrees, just the time it takes to go from house to car and car to office and office to car and car to home was enough to set my head in orbit.
I tried calling the doctor about a dozen times and got a busy signal, which they're not supposed to have now that they are in their new "state of the art" building.
If you want to see more about the lovely little country town where I live, check out and click on the "newsroom" tab. I think the funniest things are when they post their 911 calls for the month, I mean, a chart showing how they break down... and they separate those calls by "City of Cleveland" and White County. Just fyi, I'm within the city limits... but around here we refer to that as "living in town".
I love living "in town". Wish that would make my kid take advantage of the opportunities for employment less than a mile away from us.
He is in full on "summer indulgent" mode... i.e. begging for money every day.
Ironically... when his dad sent child support this past weekend, he complained about how difficult it was to find the "green dot" money transfer cards that he uses to pay child support.
Yes, I'm sure it was hugely inconvenient to have to go to several stores. I can imagine what an imposition that was to invest an hour or so to the care of your child.
Especially in light of the fact that I lost nearly a full day of pay because I was so distraught that our child was missing that I had to leave work... and of course, I've barely spent any time at all in the past week raising him, feeding him, making sure he had everything he needed - even before any child support came in, stopping off at the market on my lunch hour to pick up groceries for him, carting him around town, dragging my saggy aching bones to work to make sure I could afford rent on a place "in town" so our child could have a stable home and close proximity to his friends... where, if I didn't have the responsibility of raising him, I could live in a smaller/cheaper place.
Yes. I'm sure it's hugely inconvenient to pay child support.
Which makes me sound bitter. Ultimately... I'm the one who is blessed to have had him in my life. Good/bad/ugly... he's my boy, my pride and joy, my treasure. And I'm the one who gets to share his life. Good/bad/ugly.
Have I mentioned how hot and muggy it's been outside for the past two weeks?
So hot that it turns your brains to mush.
Lately I've been in a toast for breakfast / sandwich for lunch / bowl of cereal for dinner rut.
Too many carbs but ... I really don't have much of an appetite... kind of nauseous... so bread kind of works for me.
It's thankful Thursday... so let me rally the positive personality and prepare for a successful day.
I am thankful that I have a job, a car that runs, a kid tucked safely away in the next room, no pending litigation against me, air conditioning everywhere I go, only two more days in this work week... I am thankful for every day that I am able to hang on and tough it out in the office... it doesn't feel good most days but it's a personal victory. We have to be thankful for those personal victories. I'm thankful for these beautiful mountains, my scenic drive to work, life in a small town... and today I am thankful for my brand new laptop battery! Wooohoo!

Make today count, y'all! Love and hugs!


Unknown said...

We absolutely need to be count our blessings. There are always so many but when we're going through a tough time it is more difficult to spot them.
Am new to your journal. Love it.I will be back. Have an awesome day.