My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, May 8, 2009

back to cyberspace

In case you were wondering... I have the best sister in law in the whole world. I really do. I'm sorry for all you girls out there with lousy sisters in law. I also have the sweetest, most generous friends in the whole world. (mary!) So for all my whining and belly aching and complaining and feeling like the last kid picked for kickball and feeling like the universe has it in for me... I'm truly blessed. My new laptop has been ordered and it will be here maybe as early as next Friday!!!

Yes! A new one! I still have the option of getting the old one fixed - when I can afford it. I've had an offer of a donated one as well - and I would soooo not mind having a spare, with Austin entering high school and with me having extreme withdrawals when separated from cyberspace for long periods of time (more than 12 hours). The one I'm getting is really nice and we got a good deal on it.

Breaking NEWS... long time blog readers will remember my old co-worker Hottie Heath... he is getting married today. *sigh* Another beautiful man plucked out of contention. He's been living with his baby mama forever - since around the time I met Michael - so he's really be unavailable all that time. Amy (who works for my uncle) just emailed me with the Heath wedding news. She also emailed that she had lunch at a strip club. I wrote back, "apparently things have gotten out of hand there". It's still kinda funny to me that my uncle SERIOUSLY thought that Heath and I had something going on and it was nowhere near true. We were good friends. God bless him, he put in more hours helping me move in with Michael than Michael did. But he was always just another brother. You know how I tend to collect them.

Tonight I have the pleasure of babysitting the two most precious girls in the WHOLE world while their mama goes to a reception at the college and their daddy has a counseling session. Hopefully the stormy weather will clear and we'll be able to play outside some... my house is sorta boring...

I just ended up spending an hour with one of our talkative clients. We have these retired people who come here for entertainment. I enjoy talking to people. I like hearing stories of history and travel and so forth... and this guy is from Boston and has traveled all over. But after about an hour... I was glazed over. Now I have to rush and finish what I was working on...

so... happy Friday! love and hugs!