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My People
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

skidamarink a linky dink... skidamarinky doooo...

Pardon the really lame title. But feel free to sing along... "I love you in the morning and in the afternoon... I love you in the evening and underneath the moon..."

For those who are not on Facebook or Twitter, you may not know of the exciting adventure I had this morning... flipflops were on sale at Old Navy for $1 a pair! And the line... wrapped around the store. I waited in line for seventy minutes to buy 13 pairs of flipflops for me and the girls. I'm not sure if the ones I got for the girls are the right size (hard to judge flipflops) but if not, they can grow into them. I also bought a pair of some cutiepatootie sunglasses... I looove sunglasses and had about a thousand pair that Jen had sent me courtesy of her friend Charmaine who has(had?) a sunglass kiosk, I think. I'm down to about three pair so it was time for a spare.

I also made a Publix run since I was in civilization. I have been doing really good with the grocery budget lately. I kinda sorta overspent today but I also rebuilt the bounty of the pantry - stocked up on cereal that was $2 a box and dried beans and other staples that we end up eating when I'm low on funds so ultimately, although I spent more than I budgeted for this week... this will keep me from needing to spend much over the next couple of weeks. Austin keeps eating dinner at the little girlfriend's house so that's saving on the grocery bill! Maybe I should make a donation toward their grocery bill....

The little girlfriend is cute. She's in that sort of awkward stage, just like Austin, so they fit well together. My boys all have girls in their lives now... we have Marie, Marquee and Tasha Marie... notice a theme? When I got home from work last night they were at the primary school up the street riding bikes.

I really need to replace our blinds. Looks like the cat got ahold of one of them.

I had thai curry beef for lunch from the Oodles of Noodles place that I love. It came with a wedge salad with fresh mozzarella and tomato... I'm saving that for dinner.

I also went to the christian book store today and bought a new Beth Moore book. Her studies seem to keep me on track. I had been reading Oswald Chambers, who is a brilliant writer but he's a bit deep and although I want a deep theological understanding, it seems like work sometimes to try to comprehend it all.

I bought the local paper yesterday to see the big story about the fire at our office last week and there were some interesting links that I wanted to share. It doesn't seem like I have much blog traffic these days... I'm not sure who enjoys the links... but here they are, if anyone is interested... links from my corner of the sky...

I always say there is nowhere decent to eat around here, but that's not entirely true... with this being a tourist area, there are some nice restaurants... despite the fact that The Taste of White County event included the Huddle House. is pricey... it's walking distance from church... but I've never eaten there. Looks like a nice place for a romantic evening out. If I ever had one of those. ok. not really a restaurant but yum. The only store in Helen that I am not tired of visiting. the little IGA grocery store in Helen that has a bit more of an upscale variety compared to the Ingles. Not that I don't appreciate Ingles (although my mountain life will be complete when a Publix opens within ten minutes of me...) but Bettys is just better. And it has a nice old country feel. What I don't like about Betty's is that it's usually full of people who are on vacation, and therefore not in a hurry. I am usually in a hurry. this is on the way to Jim and Angie's and Austin loves this place. Click on the link about the Legend of Sautee Nacoochee... it's the indian version of Romeo and Juliet. the "cabin" that is adjacent to Jim and Angie's home is rented by these folks.

Stubby the 3legged Wondercat just realized that I am in Austin's nest (the couch) instead of my nest (the bed) and has come out here to find out what's up. He's trying to hijack my hand from the laptop... my Stubby Whisperer gift tells me that he's saying, "What's the deal? Why aren't you loving the kitty? Did you forget the kitty? The kitty requires attention"

I debated buying a tiny little hibachi grill for our place and then I thought about the fact that I am terrified of fire and the fact that the only person in my home besides me is far too comfortable with fire and thought perhaps it best that I not encourage the usage of fire under any circumstances.

TV is so disappointing today. I've been watching the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Marathon.... and performing my own analysis of "what went wrong" between them. It's crazy, I know, but it beats spending hours analyzing what went wrong with Michael. Distraction is my best course of action. I wish there was some old movie on that I want to watch...

I bought the latest copy of People Magazine and read that. My friend Casey had a letter published in this edition! Great for Casey! I also bought More magazine. I really need to do subscriptions. Also on my agenda for the weekend is laundry and thank you notes... but as usual... I'm just being a slacker... but the occasional weekend slacking is not so bad... I'm working soooo much more than I was working a year ago! This is my ying for that hard working yang.

And this is yet another boring post... so if you made it this far... love and hugs, have a great weekend!


Remo said...

If you get a grill, buy one of the small one's that use a screw-on propane canister. They're easy to use and you get the excitement of asking the guy at the hardware store for the "screw-in" stuff.

He'll thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow . . . Doug and I so need to rent the cabin beside Jim and Angie and spend a weekend in Helen . . . get to see you and Austin and finally meet Angie and the girls . . .