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My People
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

not me monday... er, um... Tuesday

I wasn't the goofy girl who got her leg stuck in her recliner yesterday and has a really nasty bruise coming up on her leg because of it. No way I'm that clumsy!
It wasn't me who left the house with soaking wet hair because I didn't want to get out of previously mentioned recliner this morning.
I didn't skip breakfast because of said laziness and go through minimal disappointment to realize the fresh fruit brought in for a co-worker's birthday contained lots of fresh pineapple - which I'm allergic to - and then have a huge surge of excitement when a vendor brought fruit WITHOUT pineapple.
I am not the one who had to write "WS" on her hand to remember to go by Windstream and pay the bill today on lunch. I'm also not the one who saw the "WS" on my hand and tried to remember what I was praying about for my friend Whitney Shapiro. It left that quickly.
I am also not the one who left a chore list for Austin on his first day of summer break… gotta keep him occupied!
I am not so grumpy that I've written about four different entries today and deleted without posting so as to not come across as a bitter, angry woman.
I'm not typing an entry instead of focusing on work. I'm not the one who got halfway through writing a "not me Monday" post before realizing it's not Monday.
It wasn't me who thought they saw a little patch they'd missed while shaving their legs only to discover the whole leg was the patch. Both legs.
It wasn't me who rolled my eyes at the email an underwriter sent… or who hurried through a new application because the child of the applicant had a dirty diaper and was banging on the glass door of my office. It wasn't me who sent an email to my friend Amy complaining and whining about work habits of… um… others… that make my job harder. It wasn't me who was tempted to wear my new red $1 Old Navy flip flops to work. It wasn't me who at a whole stinking burrito from Taco Bell from lunch even though it didn't even taste good.
It IS my sister-in-law's birthday today! Happy Birthday Angie!
It IS a beautiful rainy day with lots of lush green everywhere due to the abundance of rain we've had. Way better than the drought that Georgia has suffered the past few years.
It IS halfway through a long "Monday" and by the end of the day today we'll only have three days left in this work week.
It IS going to be a great weekend - helping Angie throw a 40th anniversary party for her parents and hopefully taking Austin to his grandparents' for a week.
Please keep our Kenya and Thailand mission teams in your prayers. I've come to love these sweet people of Helen First Baptist over the past eight months (yes! I've been here for eight months as of today!) and I'm in awe of their love for others and their commitment to missions. It's more than converting people, it's about providing compassion and comfort to those who are in less fortunate circumstances. My friend Alisa and her daughter Haili left Sunday for Kenya… my friend Jennifer leaves for Thailand tomorrow… my brother's team leaves Friday for Kenya. And there are little illnesses and issues popping up all around… my Jamie gurl is still sick. She hasn't eaten since I was with her on Sunday. She went to the doctor today and it's viral - I worry that this will hit Jim somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.
I've been working on this entry since 11am. Busy day… and I'm not feeling so good… more later. Love and hugs.


Margaret said...

Heather...I'm at work, and I needed this little giggle. Sorry you're not feeling well, and hopefully that will pass the very minute it's time to leave the office for home.
Great entry.

Big Mark 243 said...

This reminds me of the 'Family Circus' gremlins!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully it is Tuesday and tomorrow is HUMP DAY and half the week is almost over.