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My People
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

my weekend

This weekend went by so fast!

Yesterday Angie picked Austin and I up at 9:45 to head to the southside of town. We stopped at Weight Watchers for her weigh in - she has ONE MORE WEEK and she'll make lifetime!
We stopped at the IGA to pick up yeast rolls which smelled AWESOME.
The car was packed out to the max. We looked like the Joads heading to California in the Grapes of Wrath.
When Angie came out of the grocery store with the bread Jamie said, "You can't put that with me, I have watermelons". She did. Watermelons in the floorboard at her feet.
Austin was crammed in between his two sweet cousins. He's incredibly tolerant. He didn't complain - even when Jamie used his shoulder for a kleenex.
We stopped at Zaxby's for lunch.
We stopped by my parents' to drop off Austin and let the girls visit with their mawmaw and pop.
We headed to Angie's parents' church to set up for their 40th anniversary party.
Angie's dad met us at the church to pick up the girls so we could get busy.
It was hot.
It was a lot of work.
I surveyed the situation and decided we needed a man. Jim is in Africa. Mandy's husband Scott was working. I took a shot... and called Barry, as it was not too far from his house. He was working.
Angie, her sister Mandy and myself set up the luau in the woods. The church has a nice outdoor fellowship area set up a couple hundred yards from the church out in the woods. It has a stage and was the perfect luau setting.
We set up tiki torches. Tables. Prepared food. Cleaned off the stage.
Pop and Austin came with a truck and some chairs... that was a lot of help... I was worried about having to tote all those chairs out to the woods.
Angie's dad showed up with a golf cart to help transport guests from the church parking lot to the luau site.
It turned out that Angie's parents' pastor was also my friend Scott's pastor and former neighbor. It took a few minutes for us to figure out how we knew each other and then we spent a little bit of time catching up.
Mostly I just kept the food replenished and made sure the girls were safe and close by since we were out in the woods.
I was really proud of how it turned out. Angie worked so hard. She had been up until 2am Saturday morning baking hams and cutting fruit.
I added a ton of pictures on facebook. We had a really nice time. I was glad my daddy was there to help. Yay for Pop's truck!
It took awhile to clean up and get the cars loaded back up and the dark was approaching. For a brief ten minutes Angie lost her keys. We only semi-panicked. I walked back through the woods to the church and prayed... because I serve a God of lost things... and the keys were found!
Finally - around 9pm we were cleaned up and packed up and ready to head home. Hugs all around....
Angie and I stopped at Starbucks - since we don't have that luxury very often... and while we were in the drivethru line I checked her for ticks.
Sarabeth and Jamie entertained themselves by looking at the pictures I had taken.
Angie and I had girl talk - the whole hour and a half home. I love my sister!
I've been talking a lot about wanting to get back to NYC to see a show or two and spend some time with Candice. And Bryan too... just a long weekend. I'm hoping to do this sometime before the end of the year.
Angie asked if I would consider a Walt Disney World vacation with her, Jim and the girls so we could do the whole princess thing together while the girls still love princesses. I almost cried! I didn't have little girls and these little girls are my heart... the idea of a Disney vacation with them really would be a dream come true for a boy mommy!
I got home around 11:30 last night and my head was killing me from being outside for so long - a combination of allergy and heat. I crashed.
I woke up this morning... checked email...
Went to Sunday School. I was running a few minutes late... had to put air in my tire. My friend Kim had to zip up the back of my dress in Sunday School. Good thing I go to a women's class!
Then we had worship service. Angie was leading worship today as our minister of music left to go to the New Orleans Seminary.
We had a great worship service... I was hungry because I didn't take time to eat before church.
After church I picked up the girls from their classes and got a squeeze and an update from each of them... then turned them over to their mom.
Then a quick trip to the grocery store and home to chill...
Watched Showboat and Pollyanna.
Took a nap.
Fixed a chicken and chickpea burger for dinner.
I'm working on a weight loss blog. I'm keeping it private because although I LOVE how many of my people in my real life like to keep up with me through my blog, I don't want to necessarily show the nitty gritty of the actual horrific numbers on the scale with them. There's a group of women who helped me lose weight before and I've invited them to the private blog. It's just girl stuff. Things that make me fat. Confessions.
I'll still blog here. But I needed a private place to really hold myself accountible weight wise.
Now I'm in my jammies and am ready for bed.
Austin is at my parents'.
Monday is like a speeding train heading towards me.
Love and hugs, y'all!


Jeanne said...

OK, so I am tired just reading this.

I visited your weight loss blog the other day but now I cannot find it and since it is private it does not come up on my WALL or whatever you call that thing. So can you send me the link again? I was wondering how you are doing. Diana and I have made a pledge to each other for the week....stay within our WW points as best we can for this week and get in some sort of exercise every single day for the entire week. Oh and gardening, cleaning and heavy duty housework definitely counts! I spent 6 hours in the yard today and 6 hours yesterday and I am BEAT!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for our Disney trip next week ~ really looking forward to it, but I do wish we had been able to take Natalie while she was still in "princess" mode. Looking forward to taking Nathan to see Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars Jedi training . . . every mom needs Jedi training!

Anonymous said...

Oi. Parabéns por seu excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil e nossa luta contra o comunismo. Abração

Wendy in Oz said...

Loved the photos on FB. It looked very tropical and you and Angie must have worked real hard. You are sounding better and better with every blog I read here, my girl! Its great to see the 'old' Heather back. The one who marvels at the small things in life and who makes me laugh out loud with some of the things you write about. I missed that for a whole year and a bit - but I think I can safely say.... You're BACK!

Love and Hugs

Wendy in Oz

Missie said...

Have a good week!