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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful thursday without the list

My internet emergency from yesterday has been handled... thanks for those who offered to help. I had tweets going to my cellphone which seemed like a fun way to stay connected until I was getting 75 a day.

This morning it's iced coffee again - this time from McDonald's with a fruit and yogurt parfait. Lunch is a lean cuisine. I woke up easily this morning and had a few minutes to squander so I thought I'd brave the long double drive through line at the Cleveland McDonalds. Traffic was light... not that we ever REALLY have traffic here... the closest thing is when there's a slow moving farm vehicle on a two lane road.

Everything is so green right now! The drought that North Georgia was dealing with is pretty much over... perfectly timed for my first spring in the mountains! Love it!

Thanks to the generousity of some loved ones, there will be a new laptop in my near future, one way or another. I cannot WAIT to get back on facebook! People at church last night kept talking about different things that are happening and when I was clueless they'd say, "it was on facebook..." ARRRRGH!

I split my time between H2O - the youth Wednesday night service - and my hen party last night. H20 is great fun because there's a whole bunch of teenagers loudly praising God and my bubba is a great speaker so we have a good time. Austin helps with the audio/visual stuff and I'm so grateful that he's found his little niche there since he's not really a singer or musician.

One precious moment from last night - one of the young ladies with downs syndrome, Mary, was singing and had her arms lifted up in praise and she was just so filled with joy - the kind of carefree, honest, true joy that few of us are capable of past the age of *understanding*. I wish I could have snapped a picture of her at that moment... I imagine that this is how Jesus wants us to come to Him, unreserved and honest...

Angie is out of town for a few days so I "helped" Jim with the girls... but those two are so independent and autonomous, they don't really need a lot of help. Jamie knows how to get her own drink for dinner... Sarabeth needed minimal assistance and chose to sit with her beloved Eli (who will be leaving soon)... they get their own dessert - and even though it was ice cream, Jamie was resourceful enough to find a nice lady with an ice cream scoop in the kitchen to help her with her ice cream. They are so comfortable in their church community, it's really sweet to watch them. Sarabeth had a few moments of holding my hand. She has a harder time with separation anxiety than Jamie does. Once Sarabeth is acclimated she's fine. She's always been that way - even as a baby she would take a few minutes to "warm up".

And much like me, Sarabeth can only take so much socialization before it wears on her. I started my evening with the boisterous youth worship service... but ended it in a quiet room holding baby Josiah - spit up and all! Josiah's family is also moving - they leave on Friday night. It was good to get one last cuddle in with him.

In other Heather news... I am far too interested in American Idol, I'm loving that Anna Duggar is pregnant, my friend Misty met Kate (of Jon and Kate fame) and we had a very serious and heartfelt conversation last night about the state of Jon and Kate's marriage... I love Fox and Friends in the morning even though it's not exactly serious news... I still have a crush on Max, the blonde haired guy from TMZ... I dreamed that Austin found a baby elephant in my parents' backyard and that he and Sarabeth rode it... I woke up at 1:30 this morning and thought I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep but I DID!

It's Thankful Thursday and I didn't make a list but I think you can find lots of thinks I'm thankful for in this post...
well, it's time for work. Love and hugs, y'all!


mawmaw said...

Are you sure it was an elephant, we have more baby possums than we do elephants

Tina of Moon Shine said...

I wonder what the significance of an elephant in your dream is?
sounds like a wonderful evening. truly.
I was in McCaysville, GA a few weeks ago with Chuck, and while I know it is still a long way from you, I fell in love with that north GA mountain town!
take care