My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Drinking iced coffee that I made for myself this morning... and it's awesome!

Had to go back into the house twice this morning - once because I forgot my meds, the second time because I realized Austin's window was open. We're expecting lots of rain today so open windows in a bedroom could be a very soggy proposition.

Having lunch with Crunch-n-munch today. Just friends. We're having mexican.

Yes, Mary, I am ready for the bounty of the fields. So many people I know have gardens. I'm ready to take in all those extra 'maters... mmm! Tomato sandwiches on white bread with mayo and lots of pepper!

I was in a bit of a foul mood this morning while I was driving in. I think I've mellowed a bit. Ginger called in sick - she's having lots of pain in her knee. We've been praying for her all week but she is still really uncomfortable. Theresa left early yesterday with what seemed like a kidney stone. I'll be really surprised if she's here. Hopefully our computers are swifter today...

I'm feeling 100% health wise, so I should be good to go. it's my early day... Austin is staying for tutoring so I don't have the option of staying late - there's no one to pick him up from school!

Church tonight. My bible study group has disbanded because we finished our study. We don't start another until fall. That sort of bums me out. I had a great time with my hen party. Since I'm internetless at home, I'm not interacting with a lot of my girls like I once did.

OH! I have a internet task that I need someone to do for me... if you're able and willing, email me at It's an emergency! (ok, not the life and death kind, but still it's urgent).

Time for work. Maybe more later. Love and hugs, y'all!


sober white women said...

I am going to start planting sometime next week. I cant wait to eat from my garden!

Missie said...

I love tomato sandwiches too!

I just emailed you. I just got to your entry a few minutes ago. You probablly aren't at work anymore.

Tina of Moon Shine said...

I like iced coffee too!!!