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My People
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

more newsday tuesday

Additional random unimportant details....

I love my cute boots that I bought myself for Christmas. I’m thinking about buying a brown pair too. Love them. It’s definitely a look I enjoy sporting. They were cheap so they won’t last long but I love ‘em. Perfect for the chilly temps we’ve been having.

The snow has been on the ground for 4 days now. There’s an old wives tale that says if the snow stays for 3 days, it will be back again that winter. *crossing fingers*

My co-worker just accidentally seated people without an appointment in the conference room to meet with D – they didn’t have an appointment but there was another couple scheduled to come in who didn’t show. She’s horrified at her mistake… and I couldn’t quit giggling. Then she burned her finger making coffee for the non-appointed folks. It was scheidenfreude, I’m telling you. (This is a german word meaning, “happiness at the misfortune of others”)

My brother reportedly braved the blizzard yesterday to get to the office. I worried about him reinjuring his bum knee. Apparently he did ok. I’m hoping he’ll post photos so I can snag some.

My attention span is dwindling in direct proportion to the number of days left in the year. In other words… it’s short.

Postscript to the earlier scheidenfreude episode… they apparently WERE the right people, they just came for something other than what their appointment was for, as it turns out.

I almost said to a customer, “do you have exact change because I don’t have any cents”… I caught myself. But it was there…on the tip of my stupid tongue…

What do you think about Hugh Hefner and his latest engagement? Besides the sixty year age difference… I just feel bad for Holly (his last serious girl who really wanted to get married). She really loved the old coot. But … props to the young lady… she stands to inherit quite a bit in … less than a decade, I’d say. Very Anna Nicole-ish.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Holly was the first thing I thought about when I heard the news about Hef. Although I never liked Holly too much... she seemed a bit hard-edged and maybe even manipulative. I always liked Bridget best. Anyway, Holly also wanted a baby, and maybe the new girl isn't pushing for that. As far as it being Anna Nicole-ish... I see your point age-wise, but Hef is a LOT more charming than Anna Nicole's old guy.

Becky said...

(That was my comment above-- I hit the wrong button.)

Marvin said...

Bridget was always my favorite, too. Holly was too fake and Kendra was just WAY too annoying.

When will you post pictures of the boots? Ha!