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My People
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Monday, December 13, 2010

reasons to love Monday... finding focus

Really... I know I say this every week... but I'm really having to dig deep this week to find reasons to love Monday today.

1. School is closed due to weather... less traffic.
2. I'm going in late because I. WILL. SEE. a doctor today. More because of the pain in my lung than the cough... the cough is better. The pain is worse. I'm going to focus on getting well. I rested a lot this weekend but still have no strength.
3. My weight is up. That doesn't make me love Monday but it gives me a reason to refocus. Too many carbs over the weekend while tucked in my nest.
4. No staff meeting this morning because D is out of town.
5. Holly comes back today! Not as short staffed! Yay!
6. I can fit in my "skinny" black jeans that haven't fit in 2 1/2 years.
7. Every disappointment... and... yeah... I'm disappointed in the outcome of things with NextGuy who has been hardcore avoiding my "what happened" questions... every disappointment reminds me to focus more on letting God dictate what happens in my relationships. It's like... realizing your parents were right after all, frustrating and comforting at the same time... I know that God has a different plan for me and I've got to focus more on listening to Him and not getting ahead of Him.
8. I got in the kitchen yesterday and made some awesome white bean hummus with rosemary and garlic... and some awesome black bean hummus with cilantro... I made my absolutely fabulous 3 bean salad and tossed in some broccoli slaw and tomatoes to veg it up a bit more. I love good healthy food...

Must glam and get ready to go see the doctor... hopefully today they'll see me. I hope. And I hope it's quick and painless and I'm at work quickly... don't want to miss any more hours off this payday than I have to...

love and hugs, y'all...


Anonymous said...

... "to focus more on letting God dictate what happens in my relationships ..."

Enough said!!


Anonymous said...

I know you are hurt with Next Guy But really, what answeres would make this better? Just move on God has a plan for you and it isnt him It seems all women want answeres why, what did I do, am I not enough, makes us as women sound pathatic and not sure of areselfs You are enough leave the poor guy alone!!!!!! He isnt interested in you and thats ok! :)

Foodie2 said...

I totally agree on listening to God and not getting ahead of Him, although that is VERY difficult to do sometimes. Keep your chin up and be patient...Proverbs 3: 5-6!!!

Hey,tell me what you eat with your hummus, it sounds positively delish! I can't do refined white flour, corn or potatos, so chips are out for me unless I do my own whole wheat (ww) pitas or tortillas in the oven. Just gathering other ideas for Christmas munchies.

Feel better!