My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tuesday newsday

My internet isn't working so great this morning. Perhaps it's the 12 degree actual air temperature and the one degree wind chill. This is GEORGIA! It isn't supposed to get this cold here.

I completed my first day of antibiotics and have been rewarded with a sore throat. Whenever I'm not medicated (in a purple haze) the pain from the pleurisy is ... bearable but still uncomfortable. Still coughing. Must work today.

Bernie Madoff doesn't deserve to go to his son's funeral.

Austin is mad this morning because he couldn't find socks. For the past three days that I've been home from work I've asked him to bring his dirty laundry into the laundry room. He didn't. Yesterday I asked him to DO the laundry. He didn't... and now he's out in 11 degree weather (it dropped) with no socks. I don't feel bad for him. Seriously.

They're calling for snow for us on Wednesday night. Thursday is payday. Mercy.

Gosh. This is another post about me not feeling well and the weather. No wonder I don't get many comments... zzzzzzzzzz. I'm boring myself.

More later... maybe... love and hugs.