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Friday, December 24, 2010

very Merry

Sampling my first lowfat sausage ball... fresh from the oven. I think I need to make another batch... will do that in a few. They aren't bad, actually.

Got a little extra sumpin sumpin from the boss yesterday so I was able to get a little extra for the loved ones. Sometimes the best gift is to be able to give gifts to others.

Austin opened his gifts last night. The idea was to do it this morning... but he realistically pointed out that he's such a grouch in the morning that he would be unappreciative. I saw his point. I let him open his gifts (which was really just one really big stocking filled with gifts).

The picture above is me in Cornelia last night before the office Christmas party. I had NOT been indulging in adult beverages, I'm just naturally goofy like that.

Yesterday I wore the bridesmaid dress from Jim and Angie's wedding sixteen years ago... it's a cute dress, it's a deep green and I altered it to knee length. It fits nicely but hopefully this will be the last year that it ever fits. It had this sort of short lace covered jacket that buttoned in the back... I wasn't a huge fan of the jacket but the dress itself is a classic style and sort of timeless. I took photos but I think they make me look fat. Not sure if I'll share.

I think the heart healthy bisquick must have less sodium because oddly... the lowfat sausage balls seem to need salt. I may add some in the next batch... and maybe some red pepper flakes for a little bite.

I was thinking this morning about what Christmas means for Christians... and it truly is a precious time... for those of us who relate to our Savior as a real, living being who did come to earth and did serve as the ultimate sacrifice to save us from our sins.

But you know... Christmas can be special even for those who don't believe in Jesus as a Savior. I think most people will acknowledge that he did live on the earth and was a great speaker/teacher. So... if you can't accept him as your Savior... respect him for his good deeds... for his positive philosophy... for being a great speaker (such as Martin Luther King... ). Appreciate the philosophy of loving your neighbor. Appreciate this time of year when people pause for a day to gather with friends and family. Appreciate the traditions that the celebration of Christmas brings.

I mean... in my heart... he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But... we appreciate the writings of Shakespeare... the teachings of Buddha... we even celebrate the birthday of Dr Seuss. As a civilization we recognize outstanding accomplishments. If you can't accept him as Savior, at least respect what he meant to the world. There's no reason to reject Christmas any more than we should reject Martin Luther King's birthday.

I'm just sayin'. What does Merry Christmas hurt?

I have absolutely no reason to go to any store today and that makes me really happy. I even topped off the gas tank last night.

Our snow is looking.... like it won't be much. Maybe a little over an inch. I'll still take it and I'll still stay in my nest. Let it snow.

Getting ready to make another batch of sausage balls... glam... and then load up the sleigh for a very special day. I hope that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, that you feel loved, are well fed, healthy, happy... and very Merry.
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Anonymous said...

What does Merry Christmas hurt? Well, you're starting with a false premise -- that some significant number of people object to being told Merry Christmas. They don't. True, a significant number of people don't *celebrate* Christmas -- but for the most part they'll accept a "Merry Christmas" in the spirit in which it's given...even if it's kind of odd to wish a Jewish dude a happy mass for the birth of another religion's messiah.

However, since other people (and retailers) don't want to do something as silly as wish Jews Merry Christmas, some choose to wish Happy Holidays -- choose to include people other than Christians.

And that's where it gets weird for me. Because you'd think that Christians could deal with being wished a happy holiday -- could take the warm wishes in the spirit in which they're given. But they can't. Instead, they demand that Jews (and everyone else) be wished a Merry Christmas. It's odd -- it's an odd, territorial idea, trying to claim this month for one religion and only one religion, and attacking any retailer (?) that doesn't take steps to acknowledge the "primacy" of Christianity.

But it gets us back to "what does Merry Christmas hurt?" Some time ago, a girl passed me on the street and muttered something. I didn't hear her, and walked on a few feet -- when suddenly she turned and said "I'll have my Merry Christmas back, M___ F____." She had apparently told me Merry Christmas -- and I didn't hear it. But here's the thing -- if you say Merry Christmas in the spirit of needing it "back," then you're defiling the phrase, and defiling what it means. If you need your "Merry Christmas back, M___ F____," you've pretty much missed the point.

Similarly, no one minded others saying Merry Christmas...until it became a territorial thing. Until people began spitting "Merry Christmas" at shop clerks that dared to wish them Happy Holidays, dared to assume that they might be Jewish...Merry Christmas just meant "I hope you have a Merry Christmas." Even if you weren't Christian...thanks! But now it means something like "F___ you, this is my holiday -- get your own holiday season." It means something like "I'm a better be one too, or else."

And that's sad -- it's sad for those who look at Christians and think "wow, what a bunch of jerks," it's sad for Christians who spend all their time culture warring and no time walking in the footsteps of the man himself, and it's sad for Jesus. His message was so much better, and so much bigger, than spitting "Merry Christmas" at a shop clerk -- and it's sad that Merry Christmas no longer can just mean "I hope you have a merry Christmas."

So there's nothing wrong with Merry Christmas -- if said in the Christmas spirit. But there's also nothing wrong with Happy Holidays, if said in the same. This isn't *just* the Christian holiday season -- it's the holiday season for everyone. Acknowledging that doesn't take away from your religion -- and trying to hammer "Merry Christmas" into others doesn't honor Jesus's birth. It defiles it.

Ok, anonymous rant over.

Heather said...

I agree on many levels. I think we messed up "Merry Christmas" by dragging it out over 6 weeks. I think we lost something when we made it about the dollar signs and the retail industry and not about the man it represents. And I agree... Christians do more to harm and confuse the cause of Christ than help it. For me... Christmas begins on Christmas Eve and ends on Christmas day and in those beautiful hours... I do feel Merry... peaceful... blessed. And I would wish that everyone, all over the world, regardless of religion, creed, color, nationality... feel the same joy that I do. "Happy Holidays" sums up all the holidays that occur between Thanksgiving and New Year. Today and tomorrow, for me anyways, it's Merry CHristmas. *hugs*